Let me exercise the power of clairvoyance by telling us what will happen in 2023 in the ab0m!πab!e aπath€ma called N!g€r!a if it remains till then.

Nigeria appears to be one of those few places which perfectly describes the philosopher's perspective, in that, upon refusing to learn, they keep repeating the same action, and live in the self imposed delusion of expecting a different result. Very sad.

The best Nigerians do, to compound their w0eful self ¢onsolatory do¢!lity is to tell you that God will do it, God's time is the best, Let us leave it for God, or let the the will of God be done, while they sit down and do nothing, waiting for God. This is one bad thing that religion has done to Nigerians and Afrika in general.

Take particular note of this article, because you will certainly have cause to make reference to it in future, not too distant a future.

In 2023 these same atikulators will make this same terr!bl€ mistake they made in 2019 and publi¢ly €mbarra$s themselves again because, being one-Nig€riaπists, they always constitute the hydra headed probl€ms unto themselves, and to the rest of their co-vi¢tims who are trapped in the t0x!c cauldr0π ¢alled N!g€ria.

Do you wonder why I say that the one-Nig€riaπists are the problem to themselves and their co-vi¢tims? I said so because anybody wanting this ¢ontraptioπ ¢alled Nig€ria to remain is a h@zard and a serious problem to other people that are for¢efully kept to be partakers with this bizarr€, ab$urd and Br!t!$h business ¢eπtre ¢alled N!g€ria.

In 2023, there will be three big political parties, and the feudali$ti¢ and geπ0c!dal F.ulaπi ¢aliphate will install their ¢aliphate people in all the major politi¢al parties in Nigeria such as APC, PDP, and one other party they will register before then.
They will urge and encourage some of their people, the F.ulaπi political big weights and influencers to decamp to that party and they will willingly do it.

Why would they want to introduce another fraud platf0rm which they call politi¢al party?

Of course, there will be another feudali$ti¢ oligar¢hi¢al ¢aliphate party to augment/replace the APC party because they, the F.ulaπi themselves, will d.estr0y the APC, or weaken it to a very large extent, so as to maligπ, bla¢kmail, or ridi¢ule the Y0ruba, thereby keeping them in check.

When that happens, they will make use of the new party, but will still have strong footings in PDP and APC, so that whatever be the case, one of the ¢aliphat€ boys from any of the major politi¢al parties will still retain the office of the president of the ¢onco¢ted ¢ontrapti0π ¢alled Ng€ria for them.

So, in 2023, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will return again and will probably be one of the parties' presidential candidate.

Then, some of these atikulate people you see today that you think have learnt their lessons, will abundantly demonstrate to you that they have not learnt anything because of greed, and long throat for money, and uncontrollable propensity for insatiability.
In fact, they will be in the forefront to atikulate again, while some others will choose another ¢aliphat€ boy to campaign for.
At last, just as they did in the recently held ¢harade ¢alled elections a few weeks ago, one-Nig€riaπs will once more embarra$s themselves and daπce πaked in the market place, and will be divided again, especially Igb0 one-Nig€riaπs, among the three ¢aliphate boys, who to choose from.
I weep for my Igbo people.

While all the noise will be going on, the ¢aliphate which already knows who they have chosen among the three of their people, will be grinning wryly, just smiling.

The ¢aliphate only needs your votes (PVC) to legitimize their choice. Nothing more, nothing less.

These politi¢al jobbers and mer¢hants amongst us, having concluded their 2019 jobs for these ¢ulti$ts and cult groups called p0liti¢iaπs and p0liti¢al parties, are now on standby, waiting for 2023, when they will resume their jobs again in earnest, as usual, to tell you how your vote is your power, and to go get your PVC, that it will count, and vote for A, B, or C.

They will analyze and tell you how A is better than B or how C is better than A. The shameful and painful thing therein is that many of you will fall for it.

Once the three big ¢ult groups called p0liti¢al parties adopt the ¢aliphate boys as their presidential candidates, they will release the slogan for each of them on the net and through the Y0ruba 0luwole Lagos Ibadan expressway browπ €nvel0pe gutt€r media, just like they did with their sai Baba or Buharists in 2015, and Atikulating in 2019.

Once the slogans are released for them by the ¢aliphate think tank, the Igb0 one-Nig€riaπs all over the Z00, and in diaspora will carry it on their heads like gala and start running with it and causing disunity among Biafrans until they are di$graced and embarra$sed again after the PVC m@dπess called election like the just concluded rig-election that happened last month on February 23. 2019.

At that time in 2023, they will be campaigning, telling you how one ¢aliphate boy, A, with the same agenda, is better than the other ¢aliphate boy, B, with same agenda, or how ¢aliphate boy, C, with the same agenda, is better than the other two ¢aliphate boys with the same agenda. Big shame! Or is it not?
The one-Nig€riaπists destiπies, grammar and qualifications (Certificates) only ended at, that almajiri will rule them till they di€, while they campaign for them and complain afterwards.

My people how long are you going to continue running this circle for F.ulaπi people? Are you people not yet tired? Don't you people like good things, good country like other developed countries in the world? What legacy are you preparing to leave for your children's children and many generations after you?

IPOB has shown the capacity, eagerness, readiness, seriousness and determination to liberate Biafrans, and all Nig€riaπs who need freedom, and ready to work with them for it. Why don't you lay aside envy, pride, greed, and jealousy, and make up your mind to join them and give them your support to liberate everyone from this ¢ontrapti0π and $lav€ry of the Brit$h g0verπmeπt, in collaboration with the F.ulaπi oligar¢hy worldwide?

Let me tell you, the plan of F.ulaπi to take over N!ger!a and keep everyone under them is not just only the plan of the F.ulaπis in Nigeria. It is the plan of the €xpl0itative Br!ta!π, programmed to be executed through the F.ulaπi all over the world.

Biafra restoration is the only way out of this mess and illusion called Nig€ria.

So sad that a tribe with a little population, the F.ulaπi, under the support and supervision of the €xpl0itativ€ and para$iti¢ Br!ta!π, has pocketed the rest of the tribes, and nations in this eπtrapp€d ¢ontraptioπ.

Join hands today and dissolve the m0nst€r ¢alled Nig€ria peacefully, because if you refuse, then for¢€ful dis$olutioπ becomes inevitable, because Biafra is imminent.

Biafra restoration is a done deal.

Thank you!

Written by
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
Twitter: @oluchristty

Published by

(Biafra Truth Media)

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