1. ANỤNỤEBE (Nnụnụebe):

This is the king of all spiritual trees in Igboland. It is an oracle tree, the most powerful and fearful. No humans gets close to it except power dibia and spiritualists. Even birds do not perch on it as the name indicates. Any bird that does so dies instantly. Thunder does not strike it. The leaves can cure leprosy and other dangerous diseases.

2. ỌJỊ (Iroko) -
This serves as a cathedral for shrines. It is renowned for its size, strength, nobility and resilience. It takes a ritual of kola nut or even the killing of a cow to cut it down or transplant it.

This is another ritual tree known for its power for ritual Cleansing. It is also useful for marking boundaries and graves. It is ageless and can outlive many generations. The leaves are favourite for herbalists.

4. ỌGBỤ -
This is a symbol of feminine goddess. It is used to mount women family shrine (Ọgbụ chi). It signifies personal god of women.

5. AKPỤ (Silk cotton tree):
This tree is considered to be an abode of spirits of unborn children. To consult it increases chances of pregnancy. Some towns still worship it for favours received in the past.

6. ACHỊ -
This tree is a portal for ancestors and houses spirits. It is noted for its size and big shade. It is also renowned for its good fruits.

7. NGWU -
This is a tree known as the symbol of wisdom and innocence (Ọ ma ụma egbu NGWU mma ya adịkwana nkọ). It harbours spirits and is revered and worshipped by many families and towns.

8. ỤDALA (african apple):
This is regarded as the domain where unborn children dwell. Barren women used to visit the tree during mid-morning (mgbachị) to seek favour. It is forbidden to climb the tree to bring down the fruits or to sell the fruits in the market. The fruits are regarded as the symbol of young maidens. It takes a ritual to transplant it from one location to another.

9. AGBA -
This is a renowned for its quality and strength. It symbolizes power and control. The wood is reddish and very strong and compact.

This is a big tree usually found in village squares. It is believed to possess the spirits of ancestors who moderate village meetings.
- The trees attached are Anụnụebe and Ogirisi.

From the village elder,
Rev Fr Dr F.O.F Onwudufor
Okenye Igbo Niine

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