Biafrans have been systematically marginalized economically and denied the right to participate in the government of Nigeria. Also, we have continued to suffer systematic and gross violation of our human rights since the past 50 years.

IPOB is an acronym for Indigenous People of Biafra, an organization representing about 60 million Biafrans, who are the inhabitants of Eastern Nigeria as well as some parts of present day Middle belt and of old Mid-west. 

This is a common thought that people have because Igbos tend to be the most vocal about Biafra. Actually, Igbo people are merely one of many ethnic groups within Biafra. 

IPOB represents the multiple ethnic groups that inhabit the coastal and upland regions of Biafra land. Biafra is a nation. As in the name IPOB which means Indigenous People of Biafra

There is only one IPOB, and it is under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.


IPOB is championing the freedom and restoration of Biafra, as an independent state from the Nigerian Islamic State.

To join IPOB simply fill out the contact form.

Any indigenous person from the entire old Eastern Region, some parts of present day Middle-belt and old Mid-western Regions of Nigeria can participate. All that is required is for such a person to identify with any family unit of IPOB ONTARIO close to where he/she lives, and commit to supporting our efforts in word, deed, and treasure.

There is a process through which all people must pass in order to become IPOB members. IPOB also maintains an active ledger of all members.

For the purposes of diseminating information, there are various Biafra-related facebook groups. Joining any one of these Biafra or IPOB facebook groups is not equivalent to joining IPOB.

On a regular basis active participants of IPOB support Biafra’s freedom/restoration in words and deeds, including, but not limited to spreading awareness about Biafra, forming and maintaining strategic relationships, and supporting financially.


There are no financial gratifications for being an active participant. However, you gain freedom, a state, and a viable home. There is no financial substitute for these things.


As an indigenous Biafran, if you’re not participating in the activities of IPOB, you will further delay the freedom of your people, and invariably prolong their stay in the current deplorable living condition of intimidation, cruelty and massacre.


Yes, all concerned people are free to make charitable donations as single payments or recurring payments. to support the indigenous people of Biafra. The indigenous people of Biafra have suffered great economic and social injustice, having been abandoned by the government of Nigeria for decades. Hence, there’s great need for basic social amenities like pipe borne drinking water, reliable power, healthcare facilities and educational supplies. (Donations are not tax deductible).

Every leadership position currently in IPOB is voluntary service, and as such does not guarantee any future political positions. Nevertheless, upon restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, every Biafra citizen will be free to vie for any political position they for which they qualify.


It is never unprofessional to speak truth and advocate freedom for the oppressed. Referring to us as miscreants is a tactic used by those that have either been bought or are too afraid to confront the rapidly deteriorating situation in Nigeria.


IPOB continues to spread the message of Biafra’s freedom to all people. Recently we concluded meetings with Ohaneze Ndigbo, where our suspicions of the extent of Ohaneze Ndigbo’s selfish preference for Igbo presidency rather than the advancement of their people’s interests was confirmed.

The Eastern Nigerian politicians are predominantly self-seeking in cowardice, greed, or lack of empathy for the suffering of their people. It is unwise for us to seek their membership in IPOB. However, we do not bar any individual. It has never been difficult to determine the full extent of someone’s commitment.

In Nigeria, government is where most of the money is. Many politicians are money-hungry and ultimately become tied up in corruption. They also are aware that a free Biafra would never entertain even the thought of them occupying a public service position. Others that may not be corrupt lack empathy to feel the suffering of Biafrans. In their mind, as long as their own family is “ok” then all is well and there is little need to lift a finger.

IPOB is a noble project sponsored by noble men and women worldwide. Nigerian politicians are known for their corrupt practices, so we do not want them to undermine the genuine effort to restore Biafra. We do not accept their money.

That two countries are separate is not necessarily bad. Our focus should not center on unity vs plurality; rather, it should center on what arrangement will produce peace and progress for the people since there is no territory or set of borders that can be more important than the people within it. For Biafrans, Nigeria has not, does not, and will not possess peace or progress until the people decide for themselves the direction their future will take. Those peoples that wish to remain in Nigeria should remain if they so choose. Biafrans have chosen freedom.

An economic foundation is critical to nation-building, but we must not put the cart before the horse. No serious development of Biafraland can occur without having the political freedom to do anything we deem necessary to get to our target destination of devleopment. Nigeria has demonstated all too often that it will present itself as an obstacle to Biafra’s economic and political development. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Seek ye first the political kingdom then all things will be added unto you”. True development requires freedom.

NO. The Aburi accord (link to Aburi accord) of January 1967, was all about restructuring Nigeria, but the Fulani Islamic fundamentalists after agreeing, declined to comply with the implementation as agreed. The 2014 Confab (National Conference) was a national call for restructuring Nigeria; that same group again undermined that very expensive process. For over 100 years, Biafrans have been part of Nigeria. They were committed to national unity, made huge capital intensive investments, and contributed immensely towards her development as a country. However, the reward we reap from Nigeria is unending envy, animosity, unprovoked cruelty and incessant massacre. Restructuring Nigeria cannot solve our problems.

We are open to dialogue and prefer that to any war.

The Nigerian government chooses to kill and imprison us rather than discuss how this matter of independence can be peacefully resolved.

Justice is said to be done, when the civil and constitutional rights of all citizens, especially the vulnerable members of the society are upheld. Crimes have consequences, and impunity is not tolerated in any society that promotes principles of social justice and fairness.

Any nation that exhibits commitment to genuine respect of human rights, rule of law, and adherence to our tradition of free enterprise and innovation will prosper greatly. It serves us well as individuals and will serve us to a greater extent as a nation.

IPOB leadership is currently working on the necessary logistics, when that is concluded, the date will be announced.

It is a bidirectional, well-organized, systemic, and hierarchical structure with the sole aim of accomplishing our mission. It is analogous to how the body system works; in other words, every part of the system is important.

Information flows smoothly from head to toe (top to bottom) and toe to head (bottom to top), without jumping huddles.

There will be religious freedom in Biafraland.

“Chukwu Okike Abiama” is Almighty (Great) God, the Creator you get to know better, as you draw closer to Him. “[Chukwu” = Almighty God. “Okike” = the Creator. “Abiama” = you know Him better as you draw closer to Him].

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