30Th Of May Heroes & Heroine Remembrance Day In Focus:

Great Biafrans and lovers of freedom.

This is to inform you once again on what this month is all about. This is a month of honouring and remembering those that lost their lives so that we may live. Those that were raped, killed, bombarded, incarcerated, butchered, maimed and starved to death because they demanded for our freedom!. Remember the price they paid for our sake, remember what they went through, how they fought the war without Ammunitions!. How they defended themselves with only sticks and machete in 3 whole years!. They are our Heroes and Heroines..

since the world denied that it was never a Genocide. They refused to honour them, they refused to teach us our history, they denied us our identity, they have not Honoured the souls of 6million that was wickedly and brutally killed during the civil war on 1967/70. It's our duty to remind them once again. We must let them know that we still value them! We love and respect them!. We must show our gratitude, respect and must honour them!. We must never fail to tell the world how bittered and heartbroken we are since we realized how they were massacred without any crime committed by them!. WE MUST ALSO LET THEM KNOW THAT WE ARE BACK FOR THE SAME COURSE WHICH LED THEM TO THEIR UNTIMELY DEATH!. AND DON'T FORGET TO TELL THEM THAT WE WILL NEVER REST UNTIL WE PUT SMILE ON THEIR FACE BY MAKING SURE THAT BIAFRA IS RESTORED. So that their souls will rest in peace.

YES, Their Honoring/Remembering day is on 30TH of may but they must be remembered throughout this month till 30th including those that lost their lives from 30th of August 2015 till date!. They must be remembered!. They must be honoured in a special way!. Use any platform you can to tell the world that this month is for those that lost their lives for your sake!. Email them, tweet them, send them messages. propagate the gospel until they hear and see reasons with us!. REMEMBER IF YOU REFUSED TO HONOUR THEM YOU MAY NOT BE HONOURED BY YOUR CHILDREN/GENERATIONS TO COME... THEY PAID A PRICE THAT WE MUST CHERISH AND VALUE!.

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