A freedom advocate must be matured to understand the ploy of the oppressors.

Know when they want to work on your desire as to destroy what you crave for. So many people derailed because of their believe in arms struggle. You only need to shout war and they will immediately be derailed. They now think that a group that has ESN with thousands of men are bunch of people singing peace on top mountain Everest.

They don't know when agents of the government want to use such to destroy them.

The latest game of the government is to fool you with shouting no election. If the plan of IPOB is to stop every election in Biafra land they would have said it. If it is still in their plan, then you have to wait on them to say it. That is because they are the ones leading this struggle. No one or group can say something and the people will obey. Only IPOB can. And IPOB knows when to act and when to keep their cool.

The enemy knows that most of you are eager to get Biafra. They know that you would not even like the election to happen. So they have planned to present to you what you will like to hear, so that they will derail you. This is exactly what Satan does. He bring to you what you desire as to derail and deceive you.

IPOB declared No Election in 2019 and later called it off. IPOB members followed, but there were few individuals that went on to insult MNK and accuse him of selling out. The question is, where are those people today? No where to be found and IPOB is still here.

There are also some individuals that have been fooled by the agents of the government. They have been told about a war they have nothing to fight with and no men on ground answerable to them, and unfortunately this made them start insulting IPOB leadership. Tomorrow you will understand how you were also fooled.

A freedom fighter must be mentally strong. A freedom fighter must learn how to be hot and cold, when to be a breezing fire and when to be take form of a water. Because as you move, there will always be a time to swim across waters, or walk across burning fire

Do not allow them to use you as their agent. They will use you and useless you. Nothing can destroy this struggle. The events of this one year should have proven this to you.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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