A market, off the Niger, serving Ndoni and probably Aboh (spelt as Abaw) on the West bank of the Niger, Circa 1920, as photographed by British anthropologist, Percy Amaury Talbot.

Ndoni is a riverine (Olu) Igbo clan in present day Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni LGA of Rivers State. It is considered an extension of the Ndosumili/Ukwuani (Ndokwa) tribe in today’s Delta State, although geographically isolated from the rest of the tribe by the Niger.
It is also culturally related to the Ogbaru clans (in today’s Anambra State), which border it by the north.
Ndoni is also proximal to some notable Olu clans. They are Oguta, Egwe, Egbema and Ọgba.
Aboh, a riverine Igbo kingdom at the West bank of the Niger is also usually considered a sister town/clan to Ndoni. The relationship between the two sisterly clans could be why some British anthropologist had documented “Abaw-Ndoni”, probably seeing the two clans as one which happened to be situated at both sides of the Niger.
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