A National Military That Enjoy Murdering Their Fellow Citizens

Nigerịa Military are doing all their best to whitewash themselves as a disciplined military institution. I really don't know how they hope to do that, when a 10 year old child in Orlu is conversant with the atrocities and inhuman nature of the Nigeria soldiers. These kids have seen first hand how devilish these soldiers can be. They have watched as these Nigerịa soldiers kịll everything that moves in Orlu. They have heard tales of how some of their school mates weren't lucky, hence they are no more.

How exactly do Nigerịa military tend to rebrand themselves successfully? Is it with the new media lies they are unleashing on the internet? The truth is that what Nigerịa Army is doing on internet is massive, but they can only fool those they denied history in schools. For those of us who went through history classes all through secondary school, and also read history books, can't easily be fooled by mere propaganda lies led by Nigerịa military.

Around September 1966, this same Nigerịa Army gathered more than 300 Eastern Soldiers, mostly Igbo people and murdered them. This same military went to the Head of state General Aguyi Ironsi and had him murdered, together with his host. Some of the people that carried out the dastardly act are still leading you today as civilians.

Nigerịa military has never gone to wars and never fought with their neighbours. Their gallantry has been seen in their barbaric killing of their fellow country men. The reason Nigerịa military is today claiming that people are pushing a dangerous propaganda against them is because they know that more than 90% of the so called Nigerịa citizens are ignorant of history. If not, tell me how a military that have countlessly unleashed mayhem on their fellow citizens can be complaining about propaganda.

Have you heard of what your military did to Fela Kuti's mother? About 200 Nigerịa soldiers marched to the abode of Fela Kuti and threw his aged mother out from a window of a two storey building. The woman crash landed and died. Tell me how such a barbaric military can claim to be pure?

On November 20, 1999, Nigerịa military carried out a deadly massacre on the predominantly Ijaw town of Odi in Bayelsa State. It was a complete decimation. It was said that Nigerịa soldiers shot at every thing that moved. Houses destroyed and animals were not spared.
Same thing happened in Zarki Ibiam in Benue state.

What have Nigerịa soldiers not done? This military had to kịll more than 1000 Shiite Muslims for blocking a federal road in protest. They weren't armed. They only blocked road and were massacred without mercy by the blood thirsty soldiers.

It has been a rain of blood as far as Nigerịa military is concerned. Since 2017 to this very day, Nigerịa military has declared operation python dance 1,2&3 in the South East. During this exercise, Nigerịa military kịlled thousands of IPOB members. More IPOB members were gunned down during their peaceful protests and rallies across South East.

During the Biafra Nigerịa Civil War, Nigerịa soldiers upon taking over Asaba, brought out all Igbo males and gunned all of them down. Today it is known as Asaba Massacre. More than 3000 people perished.

You need to check the records of Nigerịa military and you will understand that devil is better than them.

The worse of it all is that whenever Nigerịa Army wants to attack South East, they will send soldiers of Fulanii origin, so that they can kị́ll without mercy. The videos of them shooting machine guns directly into people's houses in Imo State is still hanging on social media. Their barbarism is still fresh in our hearts.

Boko Haram terro-rists have been rehabilitated and recruited into the Nigerịa military. This very army has in trying to rescue a Fulanii notorious kidnapper kịlled more than 5 high ranking police officers. Till today, no one can give account of that very kidnapper.
So tell me what a military that did all these things can't do? Have we forgotten Lekki Toll gate and how they opened fire on their own youths kị́lling more than 100 youths.

Note that everything written here is the history of your Nigerịa military. Will Nigerịa military still say that all these were said to malign them?

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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