A perfect game to save One Nigeria By British

It might not also mean that Britain want Obi to become president. It might be that Britain advised Obi to join Labour Party just to give otelectuals hope. Imagine that Obi participated in the just concluded PDP primary election and Obi was disgraced out. It would have been a bad market for Obi supporters whom are major otelectual social media influencers. They might raise a campaign against the government and everywhere will be on fire.

Britain must have studied these outcome and decided to ask him to withdraw from PDP and join Labour. Definitely, Labour Party will give him the ticket and he will be in the race till the election period. This plan will definitely keep the otelectuals busy, with hope that they can turn things around. Like get the North to reject Atiku, one of their own to vote for an Obi thar said he will open up an economy closed by Buhari. Sounds reasonable right?

Not keeping the otellectuals busy will shut down this British company. Imagine that the angry otelectuals join hands with the teaming IPOB media warriors? This is something that must be avoided. And Peter Obi moving out of PDP does it for them. A lifeline for the unworkable country.

Don't forget that the game is very simple, to save One Nigerịa. After the election, anyone that wins will absolve some of the otelectuals into his government, and others will join Obi to head to court to seek redress.

In all it is a perfect game.

Like I said, the only way Obi can come is by British and Fulanii combined support. But after APC primaries, things will become more clearer.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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