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MNK: Simon! How are you?

Simon: Am fine onyendu

MNK: why didn't you take up the task I gave you on radiobiafra?

Simon: onyendu! DOS asked me to submit my platforms which is were I make money for my survival.

MNK: OK. What did you do to make sure I am released after been kidnapped?

Simon: Onyendu! I did broadcast everyday, I encouraged sit at home even when DOS canceled it, I did fundraising to umueri account when DOS has shot it down. I also make sure to dethrone all members of DOS you appointed because I discovered they're all criminals and incompetent. Lastly, when they refuse me to broadcast on radiobiafra, I got my own radio that I called voice of Biafra (VOB) to prove to them they can't stop me.

MNK: you did all that?

Simon: yes, onyendu

MNK: OK, but who appointed you to do all that?

Simon: Onyendu, I did it for you and for Biafra restoration.

MNK: But, are a member of IPOB in your Finland unit?

Simon: onyendu, you know that I took oath and I am an indigenous person of Biafra.

MNK: I am also an indigenous person but I took oath to join IPOB even though I am the founder?

Simon: ------------------------------------ Onyendu, I don't like the national coordinator over there.

MNK: really?

Simon: yes.

MNK: Simon! I said! Who appointed you a sheriff over IPOB, DOS OR ESN?

Simon: .........,.........................,......,

MNK: with anger. Were is the 5m I gave you?

Simon: onyendu, I am waiting for you to come out so I can report to you directly on that.

MNK: speaks silently, you're a goner this boy.

End of the road for ekperima las las.


©Chukwudi Samuel, 27 02 2022
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