***********A Terrible World***********

I remembered writing and telling Obodoukwu people, from Ideato North, Imo State that Chief Innocent lied about the Hospital project, and most of them came to my wall to defend him.

Some called me names. And few even threatened.

Today, they now know how foolish they were. They have come to understand that indeed Chief Innocent lied to them, just to take over a land belonging to a widow (May God bless her soul), and build his graduating medical student son a hospital.

This wicked man took a widow's land from her and Umuada, Eze and the who is who in Obodoukwu all supported them. Umuada all went to the said window's house and dumped themselves their for days. They were urinating and defecating right in her house. They were singing burial and humiliating songs to her. They want to kịll her emotionally and gradually they did. That's a widow her two sons live away from home. They were humiliating her because she said no to a wicked rich man who came for her land. The people of Obodoukwu said she is wicked for not allowing her land to be taken. They said she should be grateful that her land is used to bring development to Obodoukwu.

These people never thought their own lands worthy of development. It is the poor widow's land that is worthy.

The poor widow fell sick and was taken by his sons. The trauma by the actions of Umuada brought her down. She struggled to live, but couldn't. She gave up. Kịlled by a wicked world that engineered tools that should protect her against her.

Upon her death, these people did not stop. They gave a standing order that no Obodoukwu Man or Woman should be seen in her compound during her burial. And even her immediate neighbours she helped buried their own all deserted her compound. They took her land and still followed her onto death. Bunch of wicked souls, masquerading in Obodoukwu as humans.

The innocent must be vindicated. The wrath of God is coming against all of you that spearheaded this evil onto an innocent woman. You can bribe Umuada, ndị Eze, Town union, and the rest of the people with money, but what you cannot do is to bribe God and the spirits of the land. They are coming for you all. One by one, you all will pay for all the evil you committed against this innocent widow. I know her soul is in heaven asking God to bring the takers of her land to justice.

Ask me about a community of injustice, and I will tell you it lies somewhere called Obodoukwu. Shame! Your ancestors will be in shame already for they did not use Umuada to drive injustice.

Ask yourself this question... What actually does it take to say the truth?

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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