A Trip To The Sun

When we were little children, we do stand on the road side watching as cars pass the rough roads to their unknown destinations.
We will be there claiming ownership of the cars. I remember one of us claiming he own the long luxurious Izuchukwu motor. It was hilarious remembering those days. How we fought ourselves when another claims the car you have already claimed. Funny, isn't it?

There is no difference between us in our childhood and the people that claimed to be in charge of ESN and IPOB. Yes, we as little kids has nothing yet we claimed ownership of those cars. Same with those claiming to be incharge of an organisation they know nothing about. As kids playing around, no adults believed in our claims. They actually laughed at our childishness, but today some group of people believed that a people that never knew how ESN was recruited, formed and trained are incharge of ESN and taken over IPOB. How possible can this be? It seems as days goes by, people and society keep depreciating in wisdom and knowledge. If not, tell me exactly how some one can claim to have taken over an organisation he don't belong to and some people believed them.

They used to say that Biafrans are intelligent people. I believe so, but recently I have noticed lots of damage done by Nigería government to the psych of our people. They used the media to destroy the psych of lots of our people, and they stopped thinking normal.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and DOS formed ESN. A lot of things were involved. Man power, many and many lots of things. They are security group and they are under command and control. They can't suddenly fall under the control of an unknown persons.

But I understand the game the government played. Every department of IPOB were under attack at almost the same time. The IPOB media was the first hit. Even before the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they have already started working on the mindset of some media guys. The main people recruited by the government already knew what was about happening to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. So they started giving a hint to some gullible people. Intimating them that something bad is about to happen and that some people very close to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is about to betray him. While these was going on in the inbox of some people, there are group of paid crimînals that took to social media to start prophesying doom concerning Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. They were all paid to set an atmosphere of doubt rolling. You can see them then broadcasting on social media and getting lots of viewers. They were sponsored and paid heavily. They are all part of what happened. They are enemies of Biafra struggle.

When finally the news of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's kidnap filtered in, all of them crimînals and liars masquerading as men of God all said they said it. Those of them that were worked on through inbox also saw meaning in what their recruiters were saying. 'We told you they will betray Onyendu, has it not happened?' They kept telling those gullible people how it is necessary to fight to save MNK. And fighting for MNK became fighting the leadership of IPOB. Till today, some of them still think their insubordination is protecting MNK and the struggle. It was a perfect plan for the government. On one side, doubt has been created. MNK has been kidnapped and a ferocious war has been declared against IPOB leadership by the government using gullible members of IPOB. They were fighting what they believed in thinking they were saving it. This was exactly where I respected Nigería government and their dub-ious international partners. They indeed played a very nice game.

They didn't take over ESN. They wanted it duplicated and rubbished, just like they did to MBranch. Like they lied to some media warriors, they also got to few ESN members. They also recruited lots of crimînals to join them. It took the massive media campaign of some individuals and the great leadership of DOS to stablize things. Their numerous fundraising was a decoy. The government was their ultimate sponsor and never the fundraising you see them organise.

Infiltrators played a nice game, I must confess, but they couldn't have outplayed a heavenly ordained movement like IPOB. Their handlers which happened to be the government and few foreign elements are professionals. I have never seen the government of Nigería be this clinical in executing things. This government weaponized every thing. Before they kidnapped MNK, they created doubt in the hearts of IPOB members, there by weaponizing them against IPOB. The same sit at home IPOB use for protest also got weaponized. Lots of people were kîlled on sit at home days just to blackmail IPOB. When IPOB tried to stop the sit at home, the government used their agent to put confusion.

Just like as little children we claimed ownership of beautiful cars that were never our own, also those recruited government agents claimed ownership of an organisation they never belonged to, and even claimed to be in charge of a security group they never formed, created or funded.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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