The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to give expression to our anger and rage over the continued reoccurring killing of Biafrans by the Nigerian Security forces. Friday 31st March , 2023. was a "black Firday" at Aba, Abia State, when trigger happy Nigeria joint Military, Police, and DSS officers massacred Biafrans who were peacefully protesting and calling for the unconditional release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU who has continued to be illegally detained in DSS solitary confinement in Abuja since June 2021 despite being set free by a Court of Competent jurisdiction the Nigerian Court of Appeal.

The world must take notice of this atrocity of the massacre of unarmed, peaceful protesters. We want the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), US Department of State, UK Home Office, and other foreign interested parties who have been eager to designate IPOB as a terrorist group to see the manner in which the Nigeria Government and her murderous Security Agencies have been murdering IPOB members in cold blood. The Nigeria Government and its Security Agencies are the real terrorists and terrorist enablers who have been provoking IPOB and will at the same time lobby the world to designate this peaceful IPOB as a violent movement.

There were more than 50 people murdered during the peaceful protest. Many of the dead victims of this Unprovoked barbarism were taken away by the police in Abia State in an effort to hide their crime. Only three dead bodies have been recovered thus far while the Nigerian government and her security agencies, especially police carried others away. There are many protesters still missing, while over 30 protesters sustained various degrees of life bullet wounds.

This particular press statement on the killing, injuring, and abduction of peaceful Biafran protesters in Aba is to let the World bear us witness that IPOB is not the aggresor and has never been as the Nigerian government will corruptly lobby and financially induce countries and international organisations to believe rather, it is the Nigeria Government working through its Security Agencies that have mapped out a plan for IPOB members to be totally exterminated. The Nigeria government and her security agencies enjoy killing IPOB members as if we are ants. Nigeria's government intimidates the judiciary never to give justice to any case on extrajudiciary killing, illegal abduction, and forceful disappearanc of IPOB members. Irrespective of all these provocations, IPOB has remained peaceful. We are not taken totally by surprise that IEP and some international agencies were lobbied and financially induced to view IPOB movement as violent based on concocted falsehood and ethnic profiling by the Nigeria Fulani led Government against IPOB and by extension against Biafra. The IEP and the international community must know that the Nigeria Army, DSS, and Police are the real terrorists and terrorist enablers, and therefore need to be designated among the most deadly terrorist nations and State sponsors of terror in the world.

The Nigeria media should note that this statement also highlights the grave and criminal silence of those criticizing IPOB and certain media houses that have been bought over by the Nigeria Government who have always turned a blind eye when innocent Biafrans are massacred by the murderous Nigeria Security outfits but jump out of their "cocoons" to blackmail IPOB.

The brutal murder of 50 protesters, forceful disappearances, and abduction of many, and gun injury to many more peaceful Biafran protesters for demanding the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi KANU as Appeal Court has pronounced, that he has been discharged and acquitted is a grave atrocity. The Supreme leader of IPOB is manhandled by the Nigeria government and its security agents in the DSS custody in Abuja. On the black Friday, March 31, 2023, many of our people were murdered and we shall duely recognize their sacrifice when Biafra history is written. The continuous abduction and massacring of unarmed Biafrans by Nigeria terrorist Security Agencies shall not go unavenged at the appointed time. He who kills by the sword should be ready to die by the sword.

We are not complaining about the murder of our members and Biafrans, so that the murderous Nigeria Government and her terrorist Security Agencies will repent and stop rather we want to make that fact available to the world for it to bear us witness that we informed the International Community especially the West that the blood of Biafrans is being wasted without provocations.

IPOB movement has been peaceful even when the federal government sponsored criminals to infiltrate and impersonate us. We defeated them. Nigeria's government should note that there is a limit to what we can take before we fight back. They are pushing us to the wall. Unfortunately, we can't penitrate the wall, so we have to defend ourselves through whatever means available to us in order to survive. This battle is an existential battle. It is a battle between Light and Darkness and we are fully assured that Light will drive away the darkness that is represented by the Nigerian establishment from Biafraland.

Self-determination and self- defense are inalienable rights enshrined and recognised by Charters and Instruments of international Organisations, and we shall defend ourselves with everything we have. No amount of arrest, abduction, torture, detention, extrajudicial executions, or extraordinary rendition can stop our resolve to restore Biafra. It's either Biafra or Biafra.

We have a report that the Nigerian Security forces are going from house to house abducting innocent civilians from their homes. The world should equally take note of this.


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