ADVICE To Those Dealing With Ekperima

Where are those feminists and women rights advocates, make una follow up, na this kind work una supposed to dey do.

Honestly, ekpa is not intelligent and smart as his mugu followers was thinking. Blackmailers who do this type of dirty things hide behind anonymous account to publish things like this, but this unintelligent L0w life blackmailer boastfully published nude pictures his former lover and partner in CR!M€ sent to him in confidence when things was going well between them.

They should sue this dish0n0urable man for act of indiscipline and bridge of trust. I detest L0w life men like this ekpa. Tufiakwa!


If you're doing anything with ekpa guide/guard your privacy very well. Don't let him come close to your anything private or you will regret later. If you doubt, go and ask his partner in CRIM€ Nelly how she's feeling now.

Thank God IPOB leadership didn't allow him anywhere close to IPOB, Radio Biafra and IPOB Community Radio.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya

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