Africa has always been an extraordinarily important region, marked since the dawn of time by its natural riches and the exuberance of its fauna and flora.

The continent known as the cradle of humanity was a protagonist in Antiquity, a period in which kingdoms and empires stood out for their opulence and wealth.

However, with the dawn of capitalism, from the 15th century onwards, Africa began to be the preferred target of the greed of the European metropolises of that period.

Thus, European kingdoms turned their greedy eyes to the riches of the African continent. They kidnapped and sold their people as merchandise and made Africa their private backyard through colonial exploitation.

In the 19th century, the first settlers were joined by other nations eager for the raw materials that abounded in African soils.

Thus, they divided Africa among themselves, disregarding the ancestral territories of different peoples. After the independence of these colonies, civil wars took place in profusion because of this historical arbitrariness.

For all it suffered in its past of exploitation, Africa, with its exuberant past, today symbolizes poverty and human degradation.

Brazil even owes an eternal debt to Africa and its people, enslaved in our land for more than three centuries.

Africa contributed decisively to the construction of Brazil and to the beauty of its people. As for me, I'm very proud of the black blood that runs through my veins.

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