Africa needs development

Africa needs infrastructure, Africa needs development, but, the truth is that if we call on Europeans to build African's Infrastructure, Africa will be owned by Europe; and if we call on Chinese to develop Africa, Africa will become a Chinese Colony.
It is only when the African build and develop Africa then Africa can be owned by the African. Our develop must reflect our needs and our capabilities and not the mastercraft or capitals of others.
We must remember that development is a process; it is not a product that can be bought and be given to a society. This also means that anytime we call on others to develop our society for us, we deny ourselves, the opportunity of the process of learning and capital accumulations.
This is because while we build our own development, we gain experiences by doing and the process of developing also help us to build capital that are kept in the economy for maintenance and further development in other sectors. But, what happens when the development is done by outsiders? They go away with the skills and the financial capital, leaving our economy in a hollow state.

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