Ancestors are those our dead forefathers, Uncles and Aunties who are from our maternal and paternal side. They are the Saint you never heard or spoke of. They are your spiritual guides who makes sure no harm comes your way. They are your mouthpiece in the spirit realm.

Their duty is to guide you, lead you, teach you and direct you in the right way to follow spiritually. Sometimes they uses your fellow human being to teach you mysterious things you never heard of.

A lot of you who are naīve usually cast and bind your ancestors whenever they come to visit you in your dreams or even physically. Sometimes they comes to you through a small child, dada kid or even mad people. It's only if you are spiritually alert that you can be able to decipher if they are the one.

The first time I killed fowls and appeased my ndi ichie( ancestors), I encountered my maternal grand mother in my dream. She is part of the reason why I'm practicing tradition without fear or favor. She appeared to me in a white robe filed with cowries all over her body. She told me not to ever give up as the journey is going to be a tough one.

She went ahead to teach me how to use stone breaker leaves and native egg to cure all manner of spiritual sickness. She went ahead to tell me that I can do anything I want with it in so far it's for good. This is not all. She have been visiting me from time to time ever since then.

There was a time someone entered my compound and buried a charm for me infront of my chamber. This same woman appeared in my sleep and told me of it. She went ahead to uproot the charm and instructed me on what to do when I wake up which is what I did exactly.

Ndi be anyi na asi na chi onye anoghi na izu, na ife ike adighi eme ya. Maybe your problem is because you have not identified with your ancestors. Why not kill a goat for them and see if your life will experience a divine turn around. Some of you have done all afa told them to do but yet nothing changed. Try your ancestors today and see wonders. They hold every key to your success.

Mgbeke di aso yobara anyi aririo

Mgborie di aso yobara anyi aririo

Mgbafor di aso yobara anyi aririo

Mgbankwo di aso kwuchitere anyi onu na be ndi mmuo.

This same prayer applies to Nweke, Nworie, Nwafor and Nwankwo.

Your ancestors are telling you to come unto them and they will make everything simple and easy for you.

Yagaziere nwoke gaziere nwanyi iseeeeee

Abum Nwada Idoko Ifeoma, Egooyibo, Ezenwanyi Oyinatumba, Akwa Ugo Ndi Igbo.

I am the Messenger of the Gods. I will always stand for truth and justice.

80% of Africans are still in cha!ns.. .

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