Ala Igbo!

A place that boasted of the best leaders in Africa, now reduced to a place governed by incompetent and selfish men.

We used to have the most Igbocentric leaders. Leaders who placed Ndi Igbo ahead of themselves.
Men like the late NNAMDI AZIKIWE: a man who returned to Nigeria when the Igbo was a nobody in the Eastern region and had little or no representation in Nigeria. Zik raised men and educated younger ones. Two decades later: the whole Nigeria was crying of Igbo domination.
Men like late MICHAEL OKPARA: A man who at a Youthful age of 39, transformed the Eastern regional economy to become one of the fastest growing in the globe. A man who made Igbo cities like Onitsha, Enugu, Aba and Port Harcourt brides that attracted investors all over the world.
What about the Late Emeka Ojukwu who refused to be cowered by the Nigerian government when Igbos were murdered all over the north. He even went to war to prove to them that we can't be treated like rags in Nigeria. A war that ate up most of his father's wealth.
I can't forget the Late Akanu Ibiam who denounced his English name and knighthood from the British royal Court, in protest against their role in the murder of Igbos.
I can't forget post war leaders like Jim Nwobodo who strived to return the old Anambra State to past glory. Or Sam Mbakwe who was nicknamed the weeping governor, because he kept lamenting the poor infrastructure in his state. All the roads that have stood the test of time in Aba are Sam Mbakwe's legacies.
Today what we have are governors who did no visible projects in their state, but still bribe their way to the Senate and make their son speakers in the state house of assembly. We have a governor who turned the state into a family empire and had to make his relative the commissioner for happiness and insisted that his son in law must succeed him.
We have a governor who channeled the money that was supposed to be used for things that will create jobs for the Youth into building a cargo airport. Squandered the rest of the money and commissioned the airport half done. The Same governor whose value for the life of his citizens is ₦500,000.
We have a governor who delights in seizing people's lands and resigning from his office to swear in God as the new governor, just because he completed one flyover. We have another one who ignored the people's protest and seized their lands for a proposed cattle colony. A governor who's only achievement is calling EFCC to come and arrest his predecessor
And then we have another one who who managed to get a flyover only 75% done in almost 7 years, but turned to ask us "flyover ogbasara unu?". How did we get here?
Only God and ourselves can deliver us from these men and return us to past glory.
Ndị Igbo we're in a deep mess and need to get out and return to whom we used to be: the envy of all Africa.
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