All hail IPOB Media Warriors!! All hail D.O.S All Hail E.S.N

We speak the language that Fulani understand we do not make mouth rather we demonstrate our resolved with action and the Fulani government feels the heat .

Less than 12 Months Nigeria Senate Approved over $500M to recruit bloggers Youtubers and social media influencer to fight Ipob media and demarket IPOB ESN in order for the world to see IPOB as a terrorists group. of which the top beneficiary are

1 Simon Ekperima enter Biafra 419,

2 BBC world and it's subsidiary BBC Igbo

3 All Nigeria Media Houses join together online news , News print, television and radio station

4 DW news

All fail to to make any attempt of delivering their contract to the zoo government despite all the their propaganda machine against IPOB .

IPOB keep waxing strong of which the latest United Nations working Groups strong statement on the mandate for unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is one of the biggest blow in the camp of the caliphate .

They are forced to go back to drawing board again . By meeting with world big TEC Giant
Google, twitter , Facebook, even TikTok of yesterday hehehehe 😅

6 months and counting and ASSU are still on strike .. bandits had taken over Abuja the federal capital territory kidnapping, killing everywhere in the north and west . But all these do not border them . Only IPOB matter is their greatest headache .

Anyi kings August 4,2022

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