How else could they have unleash attack on DOS if not by telling you that DOS is corrupt? How can they fight against DOS without giving you a silly reason to justify their attack on MNK's formation? Someone should tell them that we've seen this tactics from APC before. Same way they projected buhari attacking goodluck of corruption, telling you how buhari will be the Messiah. Look what they've done to Nigeria today? Not all that glitters is gold. They only know how to ginger you but within lies their evil plans to see you destroy your freedom by yourself. They worked on your psyche to think they're the only one working for you, reason they want everything MNK created destroyed by you. In you ignorance, you hail them and even think only they are capable of giving you Biafra and also freeing MNK but they've nothing to offer other than to distract you from the blueprint MNK handed over to DOS to pilot this movement with. If you doubt me, ask yourself What they've done for the past 8months that our leader is been incarcerated in DSS dungeon other than to milk you without any result. Absurd isn't it? Our leader have always boasted of how indestructible IPOB is and will continue to be. In that vain, our leader knew they was AUTOPILOT system yet he choose IPOB, he knows there's democracy were you will air you opinions yet, he choose command and control but you allowed some pessimistic element to tell you otherwise, even to the extent of calling C&C nonsense and you foolishly think they're your comrade? You're must kidding me. How can those who didn't believe in anything MNK created for liberation of Biafra ever want his release? How then can they love our leader more than those who have risked it all for this struggle, who've taken bullets and many tribulations for the struggle? Satan they say is really a liar and highly manipulative indeed. All of a sudden, IPOB that you've defended and guarded in the past now turned into what you attack and tear apart on daily via social media. Were is your integrity and loyalty to MNK? I don't know for you but I and some other gatekeepers of this noble and hallowed movement will defense and protect our leader's house until he returns. Good luck with new found love(AUTOPILOT) But remember that our leader never directed AUTOPILOT but IPOB. #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu © Chukwudi Samuel, 13 02 2022

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