Jike Jikea Odum dum of the Ijaw kingdom

Amayanabo Igbanibo Willbraide A.K.A Jike Jikea Odum dum of the Ijaw kingdom of Bakana (pictured here) remains the only traditional ruler in this part of Africa who challenged Her Imperial Majesty; The Queen of Great Britain without suffering any consequences when at the height of the Kalabari civil of 1879-1881 her majesty, Queen of Great Britain ordered him to embrace peace and go back to New Calabar (Kalabari) and join King Amachere so the war could end?
Not even the following powerful kings dared to disobey the orders of the Queen of Britain without suffering severe consequences.
King Koko of Nembe.
King Obuge Igiom of Abua.
King Jaja of Opobo.
King William Pepple of Bonny.
King Ibanichuku of Okrika
King Nana of Itsekiri
King Kosoko of Lagos.
Oba Ovonramen of Benin all suffered the same fate when they challenged her majesty. (Either they were dethroned or sent into exile)
Yet true to his name JIKE JIKEA odum dum (Jike Jikea in Kalabari-ijaw dialect means something that does not shake) King Igbanibo Willbraide stood his ground fought his war with his great soldiers and found the Ijaw kingdom of Bakana in the year 1881 and there was no consequences from the Queen of Great Britain.
Credit: Braide Daminabo

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