IPOB-Press Release,

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the laughable disgraceful comment from the impostor who claimed to be Buhari at the just concluded USA - African Summit where he said that Fulani terrorists' actions are because of Climate Change. He claimed to be a retired Major General, the position he used in deceiving the international community, especially the Americans, as a man who understands security issues.

It's on record that the fulani mass movement to the South, particularly Southeast, is for land grabbing, not because of climate change. It's an ethic conquest agenda that the tribal and religious warlord Othman Dan Fodio started long ago and failed. How can the imposter President claim that the Fulani murderous militia that invades communities with arms and ammunition killing and sacking communities is because of climate change? In Nigeria, there are over 323 large, medium, and small dams in operation. About 85% of these large dams are located in the Sudano-Sahelian Region of Northern Nigeria, with 33% of the dam providing irrigation for agricultural purposes and for animal husbandry in the North. Still today, Northern Nigeria has the largest farming population and the highest food suppliers. Therefore, the mass murderers called Fulani herdsmen, who are terrorists and their sponsors, can't use Climate Change as an excuse to invade Southern villages and massacre innocent people.

American Government assembled African countries in desperation to save a failed nation called Nigeria. America Government provided a platform for Buhari to demonize Southern Nigeria, especially the Eastern Region, who have been victims of a genocide sponsored by his government. To date, Fulani terrorists have murdered hundreds and thousands of people, and non of them is on trial for the genocide because it's an ethnic cleansing agenda sponsored by the Fulani controlled Government of Nigeria. 

It's obvious that some Organizations such as International Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute have been bought over to provide cover for Buhari to misinform the International Community, especially the American Government. We cautioned the two American Institutes in our previous press releases to desist from allowing themselves to be used by Buhari against IPOB, ESN, and all Ndigbo. 

The world must know that Buhari is lying and deceiving them. There is nothing like climate change caused migration or farmers and herders clash. There is nothing like herders and farmers' clash arising from climate change. It is a lie from the pit of hell.  What is happening in Nigeria is ethnic cleansing agenda which former President Obasonjo referred to as Fulanization Agenda taking place throughout Nigeria but especially in the Southeast and Southwest.

Fulani led government of Nigeria has armed terrorists and jihadists from the Sahel to invade the rainforest of Southern Nigeria to forcefully take over the indigenous people's land. The Fulani Elites have not hidden their agenda. It's on record that some Fulani Groups have said that entire Nigeria's land mass and resources belongs to Fulani, and they will take it by force. This Fulani led Government using late Buhari's face has been releasing arrested Fulani terrorists and recruiting them into Nigeria Security Agencies to provide cover for the armed jihadists. Non of the Fulani herdsmen involved in massacring many in communites have been arrested or put on trial.

Biafrans have decided not to allow Fulani to grab any inch of our land. IPOB won't allow them to take over our ancestral land either by crooks, force, or deceit.

IPOB remains peaceful and focused on our quest of restoring Biafra sovereignty. Therefore, America, as a beacon of freedom and democracy and your organisations, should not allow themselves to become tools for another Biafra genocide. All we request is a referendum date for Biafrans to decide whether to continue as Nigerians or have an Independent State of Biafra, not war against Nigeria.

Let everyone who is remotely interested in Nigeria bear in mind that IPOB will never stop this quest irrespective of gang-ups, blackmail, persecutions, and forceful abductions untill we are given the opportunity to self determine our future through a UN supervised Referendum.


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