On the 23rd day of May, 2022, Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state and the 2019 vice presidential candidate under PDP, stormed Britain's no. 10 Downing street. After a closed door meeting with the British PM and MPs, Peter Obi came back to Nigeria and on the 26th May, 2022, resigned from PDP and immediately joined Labor Party. The former Labor party presidential candidate, Mr. Pat Utomi, quietly and humbly stepped down for Peter Obi to ascend to the presidential candidacy in Labor Party. What was discussed in that meeting in 10 Downing street? Why did Peter Obi immediately resigned as a presidential candidate under PDP only to come up under Labor party? This is a very rare occurrence that needs some second thought and profound analytical mind.

Britain is the creator of Nigeria and has not hidden her mad interest in the maintenance of "One Nigeria' at the cost of millions of lives. The agitation for the restoration of Biafra, championed by the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) is the main headache facing Britain and her Caliphate vassal. This might not make sense to many but it is worthy of giving a very deep thought.

Britain might have informed Peter Obi that APC and PDP is seen by Nigerians as the same and old prostitute. They could have given him the counsel to get out of that mainstream party and contest under a 'virgin' party - Labor party, which he obediently did.

Many might be insinuating that Peter Obi has no chance of winning the election but we should always understand that Britain is a master and guru in political maneuvers and manipulations. Do not forget that Britain got her independence from the Roman empire since 410AD. Britain is therefore an "old guy' in the world of political maneuvers. Peter Obi has an undisputable ideological capability and enthusiasm to make a normal country work. But Nigeria is not a normal or usual country where capability and enthusiasm works. Peter Obi would never understand that he could be used by the creator of Nigeria - Britain. Peter Obi could be secretly assisted into power by the British. Why? In order to stem the tide of the IPOB agitation. Many could see that, theoretically speaking, Peter Obi has the capability of 'putting Nigeria on the right part. But does her creator, Britain, truly want Nigeria to be on the right part? There lies the trick. They might want Peter Obi to enter Aso Rock for multiple reasons: To try to put a seal on Biafra agitation and to sabotage Peter Obi into a complete failure as they did to the 1966 coup plotters, which will eventually fall back against Biafrans.

Remember, in 1966, Britain, through their Secret Service (M16), set up the then military boys (Ifeajuna, Nzogwu and co) to take over the Nigeria government in order to 'save' Nigeria from Fulani Nepotism, corruption and political turmoil in the South West. Britain understood the zeal of the innocent military boys to make Nigeria work. But, it is the same Britain, through their megaphone, BBC, that demonized the military coup and labelled it 'Igbo coup' which spiraled into what is going on today. What an irony. This time around, they might deceive an innocent Peter Obi to come and save Nigeria from Fulani nepotism and Nigeria total collapse. On the periphery, it might make sense. But in this type of political manipulations, it is 'the more you look, the less you see'. It is the same Britain that encouraged Peter Obi to go and repair Nigeria, that will later sabotage, demonize and label him as a 'failed Igbo president' after using his presidency to destroy IPOB (which is impossible anyway!).

THE DEVIL IN THE DETAIL: According to the British long term plan, Peter Obi's stay in power might see him doing well and restoring 'hope' to, mostly, the Nigerian youths. This will prompt Biafra agitation to be relegated to the back ground as Biafrans are highly sentimental. Once the agitation is seen to be on the backstage, Britain will thereafter allow the Fulani caliphate to finally unleash their terror and to complete their Fulanization of every space in Nigeria. In this case, IPOB, could no more be a force to reckon with because, according to the British plan, they wouldn't have their usual capacity of organizing any resistance. This is their long term plan and agenda. They give you little and grab all your future!

Therefore, Biafrans should never allow sentiments to take over their sense of reasoning and critical thinking. Britain can give a bait of 4 to 8 years in order to completely take over the future with ease through the Caliphate.

Biafrans' eternal future should never be mortgaged with 4 or 8 years of temporal progress in Nigeria. Biafrans simply have no future in the Caliphate Nigeria.

By: Jonas Rafael.

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