The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, led by Ezigbote Nwa Chineke, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU, has been drawn to the hate-filled statement from Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Aderemi Adeoye, of the Nigeria Police command in Awka , who has killed innocent IPOB members and Igbo citizens to stop the incessant sit-at-home orders by the Agent provocateur, Simon Ekpa.

IPOB, as a responsible movement, has issued numerous press releases disassociating ourselves from the infamous and reckless sit-at-home orders issued by the government sponsored groups to suffer Biafrans and make IPOB's peaceful agitation unappealing to our supporters and admirers. The Nigeria government and her security agencies can not claim ignorance of the numerous press releases. Irrespective of our disassociation from these agents, the Nigerian government and her security agencies keep attributing the reckless sit-at-home orders to IPOB. This shows that the Nigeria government has a preconceived agenda with the promoters of the sit-at-homes to frame IPOB.

Again and again, we have said that IPOB and ESN are not responsible for the infamous sit-at-home orders. Those enforcing sit-at-home are not IPOB members nor ESN Operatives. IPOB is not against security forces going after criminals enforcing reckless sit-at-home orders. But Mr. Aderemi Adeoye, the Anambra State Police Boss, must not send his men to murder innocent citizens because of his ethnic hatred against Ndigbo.

The Nigeria Police knew the camps of the criminals, and their leaders' identification is in the public domain. They are not on the streets of Biafra Land nor in our villages. Therefore, Nigeria Security Agencies should stop hiding under the so-called sit-at-home to continue their murderous and ethnic cleansing agenda against Biafra people.

We are IPOB, and we don't succumb to threats. Biafrans have been victims of oppressive Nigeria Security Agencies for years. If their numerous illegal abductions, extrajudicial killings, forcefully disappearances, and extraordinary rendition of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, have not stopped us or quenched our resolve for the restoration of the Independent State of Biafra, what other threat can deter us?

Mr. Aderemi Adeoye must understand that his previous colleagues have issued the same threats, but IPOB is still standing. The Anambra State Police Commissioner speaks like a genocidist and should be redeployed elsewhere before his hatred against the Igbo race pushes him to commit genocide against our people. He should be reminded that those who killed the Igbos in the past continue to pay for their crimes.

Mr Aderemi Adeoye, don't allow your ethnic hatred to cloud your professional ethics and right judgment because that will make you and your office miserable in the short run.

Your speeches are full of hatred, and you will be held accountable for any genocide against Biafrans .

IPOB has remained a responsible and peaceful movement with a good global reputation irrespective of millions of dollars that the Nigerian government has spent to damage our reputation. Nevertheless, we can not allow genocidist like the current Anambra State Police Commissioner, Mr Aderemi Adeoye to kill innocent citizens because of the reckless and infamous sit-at-home designed and sponsored by the same Nigeria government against Ndigbo, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, and IPOB. The Nigeria government and her collaborators are behind this devilish criminalities of using Sit-at-home to distabelize Alaigbo. The Nigeria government and her Security Agencies created them but are pretending as if they know nothing about them. That is why they keep mute over the leader of the agent provocateurs and continued giving media coverage to prepare him for future criminal activities.
As if the aforementioned statement is not severe enough, the Nigerian military in Ebonyi State is carrying out their own attrocities against Biafrans and all Ndigbo in that state as well.

IPOB is also raising alarm over the harassment, intimidation, and arrests of innocent citizens of Igbaneze in Isu, Ebonyi state over rescuing of kidnap victims of fulani terrorists in Ebonyi state by the community security.

The police is committing crimes against humanity because there was jubilation after the rescue of kidnap victims in their community. We have been saying it that the Nigeria security agencies are behind the crimes going on in our region because of their hatred against Ndigbo.

The global community should take note that the Nigeria Police Force are killing innocent citizens, especially the youths, because they jubilated during the rescue of kidnapped victims by Fulani terrorists operating as herdsmen in that area of Ebonyi State.

The Ebonyi state commissioner of police should release the corpses of the community members they murdered in cold-blood without any provocations. We know that they are behind the fulani terrorists activities to take over our ancestral lands, but we have vowed that it won't happen. Fulani terrorists can not be allowed to dwell in our bushes and forests. ESN will never accept that they dwell in bushes and forests.

IPOB is monitoring them, and they will regret their actions soon.

The global community should take note of what police are doing in the communities in Ebonyi state. It is quite clear that ESN operatives exposed the fulani terrorists because police refused to rescue their victims. Since that happened, police is tormenting innocent citizens from that community because they jibulated when the victims were returned unhurt. Fulani terrorist police commissioner and his kinsmen were not happy. They murdered over 70 innocent citizens in cold blood in the community in retaliation. How evil can the Fulani terrorists in Nigeria Police and Army uniforms be?

Finally, if the Nigeria government is serious about peace, they should release Mazi Nnamdi KANU as the Appeal Court in Abuja ordered them to do. They know that their agents will go down into the dust bin of history afterward. The agenda to continuously detain Mazi Nnamdi KANU illegally while using sponsored violent sit-at-home enforcers and their murderous Security Agents to destroy the peaceful IPOB struggle will fail. Let haters know that IPOB's movement is heavenly ordained, spiritual, invisible, and indestructible.


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