Ancient ‘Egyptian’ Civilization was built in African by Black Africans and not Criminal Invaders

Invaders are trying so hard to paint Kemet (today's Egypt) a colour that empirically and logically cannot match what this civilization actually represents!
After all, the Kemetic civilization is over 7000 years at least. On the other hand, European or Roman invaders overpowered it only in 30 BC while Arabs also took control from 639 AD. This means, it will be naïve to attribute this great civilization to any of these groups.
The Kemetic Civilization was built in Africa by Africans; it was not built in Europe by Europeans nor Arabic-land by Arabians!
How can one conclude with an unquestionable conviction that it was built by NATIVE AFRICANS?
1. By logical deduction and
2. 2. By empirical evidence available
In this post, I am only talking about logical deduction; I will thereafter follow this with another post to present the widely available empirical pieces of evidence.
My first question, is there any group of people on earth who are native to the African Continent apart from Black People? The obvious answer is NO! Though, there are different groups of people occupying many parts of the African Continent apart from Black People, however, none of these people are native to the African Continent. In most cases, these peoples are known invaders or migrants whose origins can easily be traced. An example can be the Arabians living in the northern African and Europeans in Southern Africa.
Can it be that these invaders built this civilization after their invasion? That is a possibility but only valid if these invaders have prior built such civilization in their native continents. For example, if before coming to invade Africa, these invaders have already built similar civilization(s) in areas where they came from then it is more likely that they came with them, the technology to building this civilization on the African Continent.
In the case of Kemetic Civilization, neither the Romans nor Arabian invaders have anything similar to this civilization in their homelands.
Logically, no sound-minded men and women, will travel to another man's land to build world's greatest civilization while their motherlands are empty or without first building a prototype of their exporting civilization in their homeland?
Kemetic Civilization was built in African by native Africans and not criminal invaders who have nothing of such to show in the places where they came from.
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