AND IF THEY CAPTURE ABUJA, WHAT NEXT?(A Question Someone Asked That I Think Worths Dealing With)

Just like those shouting 'Woke! Woke!', your anger against what you called 'Religious Indoctrination' is not enough. Do you have something superior and original to replace it with?

Wait, until Abuja is captured, then you will know how stupid and useless you have been with all your educational qualifications.

I pity those supporting social media ranting celebrities, shouting 'One Nigeria!'.

If Abuja is captured by the Jihadists, your #PVC is automatically useless.

In fact, most of these people you're supporting will leave the country with their families.
The killings you have seen so far will be a preamble compared to the actual contents of the package to unfold.

And all of a sudden only the name of one man will you be heard in all cities, streets and corners. They will call upon him to help as if he is actually the awaited 'Messiah'.
People will wail, shout and roll on the floor like the bereaved mother, mourning the demise of an only child.

They will ask for this man's forgiveness, for not listening to him when he was wailing, shouting and rolling on the floor like a bereaved groom, mourning the demise of his bride on his marriage day.

But the words of Chiukwu, heard from the great prophets will surely come to pass.
No evil goes unpunished, so is the foolishness of men and women.

Most importantly, your elites will be no where to be found, your celebrities will start another protest of a drowning diver.

And you will hear something like,
"We called them miscreants but today we have realised they were angels of redemption"...

Then all the prophecies will be fulfilled!

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