It is indeed disheartening that persons who are statutorily mandated to secure lives and properties of citizens, and are being paid with tax payers money, are now the monsters unleashing mayhem, death and destructions on the same citizens.

There is no justification whatsoever for the terror being unleashed on these hapless citizens by state sponsored and state backed actors. These brazen acts of lawlessness are being perpetuated by these monsters in uniforms, parading as security agents, because they believe, howbeit erroneously, that they are above the law, and cannot be sanctioned.

Nigerian "security agents" must at all times act within the international best practices and rules of engagement.

A day of reckoning shall come when they, including their sponsors, will be made to stand before both local and international Criminal Courts of Justice, to account for these crimes against humanity.

I call on the responsible Foreign Institutions, and Governments to prevail on Nigeria Government to call their Overzealous, and lawless security agents to order.
We are very confident that they must one day account for these grave infractions before the International Criminal Court and be assured that, that D- day is fast approaching .
My sympathy and condolences goes to innocent citizens who are victims of this state sponsored terrorism .
May ChukwuOkike Abiama heal our land .

At the same time , I will encourage all and sundry never to take laws into their hands in the face of this unprovoked attack, holding tenaciously to this conviction that the perpetrators of this heinous crimes shall never go unpunished .
Law must certainly run its full course.

Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor Esq. (KSC)
26th August,2022.

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