Another Round Of Ndigbo Psy Op By US Government Has Begun

Psy Op is a term that stands for Psychological Operation. Or better put, manipulation and brainwashing action aimed at making you react in a certain predetermined way.

Suddenly, the criminals they call anonymous have begun their mind mending and bending predictions. How many will fall for it?

Suddenly, they noticed the arbitrary arrest, torture and detention of Godwin Emefiele. They are now even noticing the criminal abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but they craftly removed the part where the court said he did not jump bail. Instead, they wickedly inserted that he jumped bail.

Suddenly, the northern governors are congregating in Washington as usual. I wonder what that is for. Of course the Fulani are their foot soldiers and easily manipulated. The Fulani have no other ambition aside conquest. So, just promise them that you will help them dip the Koran into the Atlantic and they will ask how high you want them to jump.

Maybe Tinubu is not yielding as they planned and they have realized that no amount of salacious and smear publication will move the Igbo against him, so they are working the Fulani and the Igbo simultaneously.

Will the Igbo fold and fumble? Only time will tell. Igbo people are smart but, also, very emotional.

The Psy Op worked against Jonathan in 2015. Worked against Peter Obi in 2023. Do not let the US Psy Op get to you again. We have a mind of our own and we are capable of cognitive triumph.

Family Writers Press International

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