I grew up from a highly religious home where looking at misdeed of the "anointed" is a sin. The "anointed" is infallible and can enjoy religious immunity while goofing around. That was the background I was raised up from. This mindset dropped down to my subconsciousness that fear of not been thrown to "hell" by merely subjecting a man of God into appraisal radiated me. In mist of my fears were curiosities to unearth the scripture severally that I covered the bible from Genesis to Revelation five good times. Either my exposure was to the "letter" (which killeth) or the "spirit" (which giveth life) is left for the Most High to judge when my assignments here on the troubling world is over.
My further choice of studying History and Diplomatic Studies in "Unique Uniport" as commonly boasted among undergraduate students of the institute, exposed me to radically propelled rational thinking. Logics and rationality were embedded and replaced the religious dogmatism of infallibility of the Man of God. It is on that premise, I am writing and reacting over the Auchi based "Man of God". If I am asked to give a verdict on the personality of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, I will tell you that he is a combination of carnality and spirituality. I believed he made his statement on Ndigbo on the alter of carnality and thus, I must react on full regalia of carnality.
I want to start by stating that Apostle Suleiman goofed by stereotyping a wonderful nation Ndigbo through his heresic approach. Betrayal isn't narrowed to a people as every race have a history of such experience. That the notorious late Anini is from Edo where Suleiman is, doesn't mean one can inferred that Edo people are thieves. Or can one say because some pastors were caught on leaked sex clip means that all the pastors have high libido? If anyone should be making such general inference blunder, it shouldn't have come out from him. Ordinarily, a religious caged mind would walk away from the Suleiman blunder and ask us to pray as the spirit has spoken.
Ndigbo like other people of the world are blessed with the good, the bad and the ugly. That is a composition of humanity that no one can deny it is exclusively for a particular tribe. Suleiman attempts to make this composition exclusively for Ndigbo by burying the good of this great people that overflows, steers up reactions from me. He ignorantly used two reference points visa-avis the Igbo politicians in senate and the Igbo boy learning trade. For Suleiman, the act of Igbo senators working for the removal of their own is act of betrayal that is embedded in Igbo man. If that is a yastic for measuring bloodline betrayal, can we say that Adam Oshomole who worked assiduously for the ousting of John Odigie Oyegun of same state as APC chairman represents the betrayal and shameless Edo people? If you dig deep within political space, no particular people are free from political turmoil that has either led to group crises or the other.
One of the things Obasanjo do say till tomorrow is that "my Yoruba people never supported my government". Does that makes Yoruba people "shameless"?. Infact Obasanjo do say that it was that lack of support from his own people that forced him shop for Igbo technocrats to achieve his government vision. In the North too, there are same cases of interests conflicts as seen recently on the interim APC National chairman which the Zamfara state Governor who was on medical leave was removed by same northern brothers if not intervention from the top. I need not to school Suleiman with what politicians are and how they don't in anyway by behavior, represent the people. Politicians relate mainly on group lines than ethnic lines. Their interest flows on that group lines. So if a politician strives to advance the interests of the group he belongs to, that doesn't in anyway represents the way his people behave. I strongly believe that Jesus must have wept at poor and misjudgment his Apostle must have made using political narrative.
The second is the Igbo buy learning trade from his Igbo boss. To Suleiman, all Igbo boys learning trade often steal their boss dry. That is simply a submission of an ignorant and Igbophobic mind. How would Suleiman view it that because of activities of some of his sisters in Europe, I can now say that all Edo girls don't deserve to be married because they are prostitutes? That is wrong judgement! It is funny that Suleiman could not ask Holy Spirit or his members of Igbo extraction how Igbo apprenticeship runs than ignorantly submitting to wrong assertions. If such is the case of Igbo boy learning trade, why are Igbo rich traders still asking for "boy" as it is called? Why have they Igbo bosses not gone liquidated? Why have they not alternate their Igbo boys to other tribe? Why are they still in business? Why are they still settling their boys who stole them dry? These and more questions beg for Suleiman's attention. There might be incident meeting a boy with bad behavior, that doesn't represent the whole here.
After all his confused and poor judgements, he narrowed it to Biafra. What disappointment I often get from some of these self acclaimed "PhD" holders is there poor understanding of how society runs. Who is destroying Nigeria today? Igbo man is not in control of first seat, yet Nigeria is ruined. The likes of Suleiman is praying with map of Nigeria, yet the country is deflated and depleted. The simple reason is the horrible way those who have access to the public like Johnson think. You can't destroy a society with strong institution. If Biafra is built with sound institutions, even the devil arriving in Biafra will be modeled according to the lay down rules. Why do reckless and wasteful Nigerian leaders use metro trains whenever they travel to western nations. Why not ask for sirens and long motorcades as they do in Nigeria? It is simple! They society they arrived at have sound institutions and have no tolerance to idiocy.
Another example, why can't Suleiman and others act reckless as they do in Nigeria any time they travel to western countries? Why should him and his type cause noise pollutions as in the case of their acts in Nigeria? Why can't they tell the western world people to hold on to fate for wealth, healing and "open doors" as they do in Nigeria? The answer is because they understand the efficacy of the institutions they are standing before them. So when it comes to Biafra, what Suleiman should be looking for is the ability of Ndigbo to build strong institions not the other way round of a black man's poor understanding of how society functions. When it comes to human resource index, the Igbo race have it to quantum as can be seen in their imputs in Europe, Americas, South Africa and other highly notable places. Those enriched with wide range of human resources making impact to global affairs can't run down Biafra.
Also why would Suleiman believe in heaven he hasn't seen or speak good of location he hasn't seen but want me to talk badly of Biafra that hasn't come. Results should be fact oriented and not otherwise. Until Biafra comes and the Igbo man ruins it as Suleiman want us to believe, I see no reason to fear for Biafra. For now, we are on the making for Biafra restoration, it amounts to stupidity for anyone to start talking about how bad she will be when not restored yet. The sad thing is that the likes of Suleiman frowns at those Hebrews who discouraged their people to abort the journey to promise land as recorded in Exodus but happy to play same role of the "mix multitude". That is how funny and inconsistent some of the men of God are.
Finally, I understand elections are fast approaching and Ndigbo are faced with dual options of either Biafra or Nigerian president of Igbo extraction. To the like of Suleiman and those bankrolling him, the two options need to be destroy. For him, Nigerian president of Igbo extraction should be ruin with the story of Igbo senate president and that of Biafra should be killed with the story of how Igboman will destroy it. This is where all his garbage are targeted at. What most people don't understand is that phobia against a people is all round. During the Holocaust, German clergymen also worked for the Nazi regime to malign and dehumanize the Jews. If the church of the time and some priests played role in advancement of Antisemitism, why will you think that there are no clergyman in Nigeria with Igbophobia. If you doubt, place your lens on Pastor Bakare and many more of his kind and get shocks how god of hatred speaks to them.
The current problem of Igbo man is that he seems to love his haters. No! God hates it!! Learn to mark zero on your haters and stop allowing them infiltrating you in name of God. Anyone that can't respect you, also have a god that can't respect you. Stop worshipping their gods that hate you.
Written by
Chika Austine

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