Has anyone ever thought of the possibility that some of these 'English' Eastern Ijọ names that sound strange or even funny to us might actually be Igbo names that were anglicized?
Many people may wonder why anyone would be called Goodhead, Goodcountry/Finecountry and Fineboy, but translate them to Igbo and the result you have are some of the most common names in the southern axis of Igboland.
Goodhead - Isioma/Ishioma
Goodcountry/Finecountry - Alaoma (ask nde Ngwa)
Fineboy - Nwokoma/Wokoma
Fineface - Ihuoma.
It's no secret that some Bonny and Kalabari traders anglicized their names for the benefit of their British partners.Some of the names were originally Igbo.

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