Are they no longer otelectuals? They will still find a way to blame IPOB.

I told them that IPOB is being blackmailed. And they refused and said IPOB is the one committing those evil. I told them IPOB couldn't have kịlled a soldier couple, kịlled a pregnant woman and her kids and they said it is a lie. They accused IPOB and dragged IPOB on Twitter spaces saying IPOB must be declared terrorist group.

Fiam, God came to judgment. Fulanii herdsmen have already taken over Imo State. They kidnapped a religious big head and he paid 100 million to them. He said they said they are gathering weapons and they will take over Igbo land. Otelectuals do you copy?

God so much loved IPOB that the Fulanii kidnappers and their government collaborators didn't kịll the man of God and use voice over to say IPOB did it. Now the man of God can't be bribed to lie and say they are IPOB. I tell you this... God saved you to vindicate IPOB and not your 100 million. These people can take the 100 million and still kịll you, and say they did it because you have refused to support IPOB and speak about the release of MNK. And for sure otelectuals will carry it and believe every word of it.

Now otelectuals are saying IPOB created the ground for crịminals and outsiders to commit crime in Igbo land. Isn't this funny?

But we all know that even before the creation of IPOB Fulanii herdsmen have been attacking and kidnapping in Igbo land. There have been political kịllings in Igbo land years before IPOB was created. Even it was ESN created by IPOB that stopped Fulanii kịllings until they kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and started attacking ESN.

So why didn't they blame IPOB then? Why now?

Listen you otelectuals. The Fulanii have given you a signal. They are saying that they are now here. And the man of God they kidnapped said their Fulanii brothers in the Army are aiding them, but you are still speaking English and saying IPOB birthed it.

Keep fooling around. Keep blaming IPOB. IPOB is now used to your useless and baseless accusation. But when they come for your father's land in the village don't fail to tell them how IPOB caused it.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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