As Sulieman Abandons Bible For Politics

Since Nigeria flag independence Two Igbo men has emerged as Nigeria president
One Igbo man has emerged as Nigeria vice president
4 Igbos has emerged as Nigeria senate president
No Edo man where Sulieman come from has ever emerged as Nigeria president
No Edo Man has ever emerged as Nigeria vice President
No Edo man has ever emerged as Nigeria senate president and may likely will never emerge .
And you have mouth to yab Igbos ?
Does it mean Edo people are the problem of Edos .
As Sulieman abandons bible for politics
Let me educate him .

In an independent Biafra . Buhari will never be qualified to be a ward councilor in his ward . And if he by any chance or mistake becomes a ward councilor and displays 1 quarter of incompetency that your so called president Mohammdu Buhari is displaying in aso Rock he will be immediately be butted out of office as his ward councilor while another competent hand will replace him . But because Malam like you who dump Quran to carry bible because of Private jet offering money from Igbos is in the pulpit turning bible offside down preaching secret love and how it is good to advice your brother in secret .
Ignoring the word of God in proverbs 27: 5 that says
Open Rebuke is better than secret love .
That is why Nigeria is the capital poverty of the world and the most terrorized country in the whole world
Why because the Fulani's is protecting their brother even though that Buhari is dead and buried.
And you say Igbos are the problem of Igbos ? No Nigeria and people like Sulieman is the problem of Igbos .
Yes Sulieman is the Igbos problem . It is so irritating sharing same country with such daft human being 🙄
Anyi Kings April 19 2022

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