22nd June 2023.

For several months now, countless lives have been lost in Imo State by Hope Uzodinma's militia called Ebubeagu. This murderous militia is comprised of fulani terrorists, Niger Delta militants, and some Igbo criminals who were recruited by Asari Dokubo for Hope Uzodinma's murderous activities in his home state.

During Asari Dokubo's press interview last Friday, 16th June 2023, he confirmed his involvement in the security of some states, particularly in Imo and Kaduna states. In that interview, Asari claimed that his boys have been involved in security operations in Imo and Kaduna States and among other places. From his own confession, it's obvious that Asari Dukubo was responsible for the mass abductions and killings in Imo and Southern Kaduna.

This is the time to call out Asari Dokubo for the mass killings that are going on in Imo State, Anambra State, and in Southern Kaduna. Recall that Asari Dukubo is a Fulani trained Islamic jihadist. He must be held responsible for all the extrajudicial executions of innocent citizens.

We are documenting the extrajudicial executions and destrutions in Imo State by Hope Uzodinma and Asari Dukubo's militias. This murderous militias coded into Ebubagu are responsible for the wantom massacre, forceful disappearances, and burning of properties in Imo State and some border towns in Anambra State.

We have interviewed dozens of victims and eyewitnesses who told us that the perpetrators are men they identified as Ebubeagu militia working in partnership with Nigeria Security officials in Imo State. We have also profiled these murderous men in Ebubagu and found out that many of them are imported terrorist from Niger, Mali, and Chad. We were reliably informed on several occasions that most of the militias are Niger Delta and Fulani boys recruited by Asari Dokubo and bankrolled by Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.

Two of the Ebubagu boys themselves actually told us that they were working for Asari Dokubo in Imo State.

Therefore, Hope Uzodinma and Asari Dokubo must explain their reasons for abducting, murdering, and dumping of the corpses of many innocent Igbo youths in a valley in Orlu in Imo State.

It is really sad to believe that Hope Uzodinma contracted Asari Dokubo to kill his own people, mostly Orlu youths where he comes from and his political adverseries. We wonder how Hope Uzodinma would contract Asari Dukubo, who has publicly shown his hatred for Ndigbo to provide security for those he hates with passion. He even publicly called for the killing of Ndigbo, IPOB members, and Mazi Nnamdi KANU anywhere you see them. This contract for killing Imolites ordered by their own governor, Hope Uzodinma to Asari Dukubo, emboldened his social media boasting of dealing with Ndigbo. It is obvious that those who forced Hope Uzodinma on Ndigbo ( the Superem Court of Nigeria) had a script written for him that he has handed over to the radical islamic jihadist, called Asari Dukubo to implement. But they have failed.

In 1948, Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, thought of the best way to protect his country's security information from invasive media toxins. He summed his strategy up in one short sentence: take the thief and make him guard.” But a thief would remain a thief even if he is made the chief hunter. A maxim of the Yoruba drives this home: Twenty years after you have made the palm wine tapper king, he still won't stop casting furtive glances at the neck of the palm tree. Asari Dokubo is a criminal and pig and can not change.

We are blaming Ijaw people for keeping mute over the insult and disparaging of Ndigbo by Asari Dokubo, we ask them not say anything that Igbo people kill ASARI Dokubo because we must bring him down, Ndigbo must drag it with Asari he must understand that Igbo people are not cowards in the world. Asari Dokubo is too small to what Igbo can do, Asari Dokubo is almost dying and Ndijaw should not blame us for dealling with him, we hope you see how Asari Dokubo is insulting Ndigbo Asari Dokubo has no father talk of did business with Igbo man, Ijaw nation has great men not Asari Dokubo father if he has father because we knew that he is a basttered.

Asari Dokubo must understand that though Ndigbo can be gentle, it is definitely not cowardice. A lion that walks into a jungle and parades himself as the king of that jungle should remember that there were other lions in the same jungle before he arrived. Asari Dokubo, the pig in the creek, your public mocking and bragging for killing Ndigbo shall have consequences.


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