Asari Dokubo Tantrums and Why Ipob should seek for 5 States now!.

By Ngozi Ojukwu

It Should be on record that what Ndigbo most especially the 5 east states are suffering today was as a result of a coup carried out by a man from Delta State. Nzogwu and Ifeajuna were all from delta state, across the river Niger. Many Igbo people from Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi State have had share of genocide from that very actions by Nzogwu. It was tagged IGBO COUP' Today, a man from Delta State who has Igbo name and speak Igbo language can authoritatively tell you that he is not Igbo but Niger Delta. The present day Ijaw which Asari Dokubo hails from is also in Delta State. Before now, I have maintained that Ipob should first seek for 5 States and anyone who wants to join should go work for it, but many were Against that notion. In BIAFRA struggle, igbo youths have paid the ultimate price both before and now yet the so called south south Leaders keep behaving as if we are begging them. You see how Asari Dokubo is openly boasting that every Monday, he is in South East with his boys to kill Ipob members. I have waited for the Ijaw Leaders to make statement cautioning him but none. He once Boasted that Igbo were once slaves to Ijaw just like Reno Omokri also Boasted about it. Reason is because, the white men used their water ways to transport slaves gotten from Igbo land. We have to go for five states. We have same language and culture to share. We have what it takes to rebuild Igbo land where traders in Lagos and north will come back. We can connect the azu Mmiri river and the one in Anambra into Atlantic ocean. Mazi Nnamdi kanu said that Biafra is not about oil, if that's the case, why are we insisting on going with south south They have the full rights to reject Biafra and you can't force them!. 10 years later, if we want to get our brothers from South south, it will then mean we have good military and international friends to achieve that Israel started small, today they are expanding!. If we have Biafra with same mindset like Asari Dokubo and co, then it will be worst than Nigeria, Yemen and Syria!. I still stand with 5 States for now!.

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