Ase, Ndị Osimili

The aboriginal Ase people like most communities in present Delta North are of Igbo origin.It is a coastal community on the shores of the Ase River, off River Niger in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Ase River derives its name from Ase town. In the late 19th century, British traders established a trading post in Ase, such posts were used for imperial expansion, as in the case of the bombardment of Patani in 1882 for its attack on the National African Company’s factory in Ase.
The town is made up of descendants from Ndokwa igbo speakers who have intermarried with the Isokos and Ijaws over the years.Recall also that a number of Isoko communities are of direct igbo descendants e.g igbide.
Ase town was founded by Ebeneze and its ruler is the Igwe (the current Igwe is HRH Ifeanyichukwu Peter Ogeh I) who is duly recognised and gazetted as a traditional ruler in Nigeria by the Delta State Government.The main festivals of Ase community are Oje, Eze-Nmo, Ogbo-Oyibo, Orikpor, Erishi, Nmawu.Ase town is rich in African culture and tradition. Some notable age-grade groups and titles in the community include: Otu-Eze, Otu-Osugba, Okwa Ogbe (Quarter Chief), Okwa (Community Chief), and Igbu.
As obtained in most igbo communities Many of the girls had heavy bands of ivory around their ankles and wrists.
Photo: Ase Chief & wife.” P A Mc C. British Museum
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