At The Long Run, Let It Be Said That Nigería Government Rigged 2023 Election

The best Christmas gift For Fulanii Oligarchy and their British counterparts will be for IPOB to declare no election in Biafra land at this stage. That's what some people shouting no election don't know. You must work with sound calculation of events and you must be above those trying to destroy you. You must not allow your emotions to control you or take the better part of you.

Believe me, Nigería government led by the Fulani never believed what they are seeing in Peter Obi. Peter Obi leaving PDP to Labour Party is strategic. And believe me he didn't take that initiative alone. Obi emergence has British backing. Britain has a different target from Fulani, but they all work together to help each other. The aim of British government is to retain Nigería as one and keep milking them dry. The only way to milk Nigería dry is to have Fulanii in charge. Fulanii is a wasteful tribe who will always want to rule, take your land and rule over you. This is why Britain will always stand with them. But whenever they try to become too powerful, Britain will come out to cut them into a little size by playing some games on them. With this game, Nigería can't go up or go too down.

This is why after you had Goodluck Jonathan, they introduced Buhari to destroy whatever Goodluck has done. This is Britain for you. At this point, Britain is at the verge of loosing their company called Nigeria. Buhari and his Fulanii people has destroyed everything beyond what Britain wanted them to do. The call for Nigería disintegration is high and to quench it, Obi is needed. Don't forget that Peter Obi decamped into Labour Party after his visit to British House of commons.

Peter Obi's popularity today is what Fulanii Nigeria government never envisaged. So they are fighting hard to neutralise it. Fulanii understands the British game and Britain knows. The Fulani will love to rig Obi out, but they know the consequences. Yes, some will say if Obi is rigged out, nothing will happen. Yes, for those that always look at immediate, they will say nothing will happen. This same youths supporting him will not come out to protest, but that rigging out in a long run will hurt the zoo. This is what the zoo will love to avoid.

How can they avoid it? If IPOB should declare no election today, the problem is solved for the Fulanii and they can go home and smile. And the worse is that the pronouncement will even bring them back on same table with British government. Whatever happens, IPOB should make sure Nigería government will be the ones to rig Obi out. As it stands now, any result that didn't declare Peter Obi as the winner will be adjudged rigged.

I strongly believe that what is happening in Imo and Anambra have changed gear. Since you defeated the infiltrators, don't expect that they can't bring their plan B. I see the recent kîlling of IPOB members in Anambra as part of their plan to drag IPOB into their 2023 politics. Someone asked why is it that nothing is happening to IPOB members outside Igbo land, but those in Igbo land are being kîlled on daily basis. The answer is very simple. They want to drag you into 2023. They want you to get involved, so that when they finally rig the election, they will blame it on you. In 2019 they were against your election boycott, but today they desperately want you to declare it. But IPOB is always leading.

I will never suggest that IPOB should do nothing as they are kîlled everywhere in South East. And I believe IPOB leadership is already thinking of how to tackle this. But whatever they do, IPOB should endeavour to maintain their neutrality in this very election. Even if a pronouncement should happen, let it be close to that election date. That's if they think they can still hold MNK till their useless election.

Nigeria government should be the one to rig Peter Obi Out. That will be a plus for IPOB and their struggle to restore Biafra.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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