bad governance

It is poor understanding of events, and lack of knowledge that make people see religion as the problem of Nigería or Africa. It is ignorance that will make one think it is the duty of pastors to build them hospitals and industries. Some allowed some pastors to teach them nonsense, only for them to get some certain awareness and turned 360° to hate religion. The wrong teaching sent them to extreme, and the little awareness they got still sent them to another extreme end.

There is nothing bad governance didn't bring. It brought poverty, illiteracy, miseducation and all kinds of evil in the society.

I remembered those days presidents of students Union do challenge the governors in Nigería. They are voices of opposition and confront bad governance. Have you heard anything from these students union recently? Have you asked what happened to them?

Nigería happened to them. They have long been subdued. It was a gradual process. There is always huge money to buy people off in Nigería, but there won't be any money to build and develop Nigería. It became obvious that before you can win students Union president, you must be the governor's puppet. If you refuse this position, someone close to you will take it and chase you out. With it, the politicians pocketed these student union president and control them.

This was exactly what happened to some pastors and priests in Nigería. Gradually, the politicians started buying them over. It reached the point where if you don't speak for politicians, you will remain poor. Those doing it will become influential and well to do. Gradually truth started eluding most of them. Those of them speaking the truth are unheard, because politicians made sure they sponsor the voices of them that speaks for them.

Have you asked why most of the things these pastors say will always make news? Odumeje have been having crusade in his church every week, but no news media do tell us anything about it until he made mention of how agitation for Biafra will make ndi Igbo homeless. Actually, no newsman attended Odumeje's crusade. That news was preplanned. They have arranged it with him. They know he will say it and the same copy of what he will say sent to news men. That's how it works.

The aim of this news is simple. The government have known that they will be burning people's houses in Biafra land and will like to blame it on IPOB agitation. Odumeje just gave them cover, so that when they start burning gullible people will blame it on IPOB. But how can you give a prophecy that agitation will make ndi Igbo homeless. That's just a lie. It is the Nigería military that are burning houses of innocent people. They are the ones making people homeless. And not those demanding for referendum.

We have also seen Mbaka make such prophecies. One was in 2015 and another was when APC through the Supreme Court stole the mandate Imo people gave to Emeka Ihedioha. These things are evil, but I see the greater evil and have always stood against it. That's because when we move against the politicians, we would have gotten it right. The aim of the prophecy was to dilute the minds of the gullible against what was to come. Mbaka has put it in such a way that the incoming Hope will be hope for Imo state. But today we have seen deaths upon deaths in Imo state. It is called sponsored prophecy and politicians remain the sponsors.

What happened to students union Presidents was what happened to the church in Nigería, and same thing has happened to both Ndi Eze, Activists, lecturers and elders. Most of them have been bought over by the government. This is why an Activist with no known business or work can bet 10k dollars over who will win election or not. This is why Kings will always support crimînal politicians. If you don't do it, you are gone. This is why Lecturers will join to rig elections. That's the only way they can join the looting Nigería table. This is why ordinary journalists in Nigeria are making millions. Nigería government is evil. They have taken over almost every thing. The only thing yet to be taken remains IPOB. Reason they mapped out billions of Naira, infiltrated IPOB, kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and tried to take over IPOB using the recruited crimînals.

I don't know why we are not understanding this. The problem of Nigeria, apart from bringing people of different languages, cultures and ideology together, is the crimînal politicians and ignorance on the part of the people. This is why people will look at the looting politicians, the bringing together of different people and comfortably say that Nigería problem is religion. Are you guys for real? Any time you say that religion is the problem of Africa, you are simply giving cover to all these dub-ious politicians.

We are in bondage in Nigería. All of us, including the church, students unions, Activists and traditional rulers. Most of them know the truth, but can't say them. The normals in today's Nigería is to lie and get paid by the politicians. Those that are not lying will remain poor and suffer untold hardship. And even the masses will call them poor and insult them for being poor. Such is the situation of things here. I was so surprised reading someone say a certain man of God is worse than Buhari. This is Buhari that have murdered many, destroyed the economy and endorsed terrorists that someone is saying is better than a priest and still want me to argue that with him.

The bottom line is that the dirty dubious politicians gain when you keep thinking that religion is the problem and not the politicians that made you ignorant. You ignore the politicians looting, and kîlling you to blame religion.

What a pity.

Get these politicians down, take over and see the church, Activists, ndi Eze, students union Presidents etc wake up.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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