If there is anything I detest in life, it is called deception and lies. Keeping quiet is better than lying especially when it has to do with public interest. Public interest is higher than narrow individual and group interests. In the same way, it goes from an individual's asset to public assets. Since the kidnapping of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya after Kingsley Ezebuiro Kanunta forcefully took over Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's itinerary management in which he to date, has not explained to the Biafran people how the man he claimed "was on the mountain" was actually in Nigeria profoundly bleeding in the hand of the enemies, the siblings of MNK have effortlessly chosen to be shame on the struggle for Biafra either through vicious circle attacks on the DOS, encouraging infiltrators, attacking both the media team and the legal team by assiduously working to ruin everything Nnamdi Kanu established.

The most troubling one is their current efforts to mess up every legal achievement recorded so far by Ejiofor and others. Biafra is a people's interest just like IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu's survival. Anything that affects these tripod entities equally affects the people. The oppressor's efforts have been to reduce the interest from people's interest to family interest through the recruitment of MNK siblings for dirty jobs. There are three things one must work on himself if he must excel in life; the quest for recognition, for women, and the quest for money. Anyone infected by these destructive viruses will end up messing things up knowingly or unknowingly.

The shame or should I say the destructive moves by MNK siblings, can only lead to one thing, self-destruction of themselves and the noble family's name. These individuals in collision with Alloy Ejimakor tried everything possible to poison MNK's heart against Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor because of the latter's outright refusal to cut deals with MNK ordeals. This is the very Barrister Ejiofor who had faced state-sponsored terrorism and assassination plots against him for standing unwavering in defense of MNK despite everyone deserting from the matter since 2015. What about winning cases for IPOB and MNK to which the Nigerian state till tomorrow, sees him as an obstacle?

One thing people don't understand is that not everyone is interested in cutting deals as some people treasure good names than your worthless money! The siblings intensively fought to malign Ejiofor's name because he stood tall on his principles of nondirty acts. They decided to work with Alloy to reduce the MNK case to a family case. That is where their small mind never informed them of the dangers of the games they are playing. Funny enough, the little minds thought the state and her allies feared Kanu's name. That is an illusion to think that. They also fear the volume of supporters Onyendu has and it is that volume of supporters that they are working to destroy through state-sponsored multi-attacks on the leadership.

Family names don't panic state actors but rather the people behind the name bearer. That is why, Trump as a name, doesn't fear the US government and the deep state rather the members of the MAGA movement are what is worrisome to them. The same goes for the ongoing conspiracy against Nnamdi Kanu to reduce his case from a people's case to a family case thereby making him vulnerable to elimination while his confused siblings moved on with life. That is not going to work!


Alloy Ejimakor has been an instrument of legal distractions and heavy extortion. For instance, he was sometimes ago mouthing on "case in Kenya" which he knew there was no need for such distraction as MNK is currently in Nigeria, and as such, that is where our energies must be leveraged. But because he wanted to keep us busy and distracted, he was yapping on the Kenyan court case until the DOS vehemently told him that they were not interested in that wastage. Guess what? He quietly walked away from that distraction and moved on to trumpeting on UK case.

If not for the members of the DOS walking according to the ideal information available to them, they would have been wasting time in Alloy Kenya jokes while losing the home legal front. It will interest you to know that Alloy when filing a case on Nnamdi Kanu's case, resorts to making it a "Kanu's family" filing thereby reducing the personality of Nnamdi Kanu to Kanu's family affairs. Don't think this is a miscalculated move, no, it is ideally operated.


Below this article, I will be sharing a photo copy of the shame these elements got us in UK court though they don't want you to see it or know about it. They filed a case against the UK government as a family, on the court case day, it was an outing of Nnenneya Anya, Kingsley Ezebuiro Kanunta, Neche, and a few others who attended the court case against the UK government. IPOB was not briefed or carried along which would have been a great mobilisation on that day. After much noise from Alloy about the matter and Kanunta, the matter was recycled by the Judge because you can't imagine a few individuals trying to win a matter against the UK government. Till today, they quietly hid the outcome from you because they believe you don't deserve to know anything. Below is the transcript of the judgment.


After messing up internally, they decided to retire home to mess home front up. They feed MNK with all manners of lies and deceptive stories. Knowing too well that Barrister Ejiofor isn't intone with their shamelessness, they began to plot to get him off the way in other to finish MNK. A new legal formation was announced for Onyendu's case while Barrister Ejiofor handles strictly IPOB's matters. Remember, it is Barrister Ejiofor's team that has won several cases for Onyendu in this matter.

In their first date securing, they have disgraced themselves. Just imagine that MNK's was alleged to be scheduled tomorrow 8th of February 2024 by Alloy Ejimakor. People traveled against tomorrow's date without knowing that the date itself was as serious as the Kenyan court case. He never cared to inform anyone about the joke until the DOS in their efforts to warn our people of the madness of Ejimakor, decided to inform Biafrans of the fake court date peddled by Alloy. It was when the warning threshold began to go viral that he sneaked out of the basement to twit a hasty and inductive twit.

In the tweet, Alloy claimed that the case scheduled for tomorrow is "adjourned". Adjourned? I asked! A case not heard yet is adjourned with a date? No reason was given from the tweet, no date, no sitting yet adjourned infinitum. I think these guys take everyone to be stupid and irrational! Just imagine the nonsense. Those of us who still see Biafra as an emotional journey will keep facing emotional manipulations from extortionists around us.

How can a high personality and profile case like that of MNK be a joke as Alloy Ejimakor has informed us today? Maybe they have sorted a court clerk with stipends and he gave them a date unrecorded which they hastily paraded publicly because they want to prove to those sorting them out that they are fast in "freeing MNK". In a corrupt society like Nigeria, a ₦25,000 bribe on a court clerk can secure you an audio date for a hearing. It is when that date comes closer that you will understand your idiocy.


Very laughable for one to be uploading a side picture in Hague when the explanation is needed on why tomorrow's court isn't holding. It would have been honourable to be silent than posting ICC photo. I wish I educate us how ICC works against the planned another drama that is about popping up. ICC or Roman status as you might chose to call, does handle cases against individuals with crimes against humanity. If IPOB is to sue Nigeria in ICC, it must be members of the Nigerian government who have committed crimes against humanity in Biafra.

Take note, individuals or groups don't raise matters in ICC rather a member State raises such concern against a people in ICC. That is why South Africa not Palestinians are raising their matters in ICC. This is what the picture taker can't tell you. As a matter of fact, anyone can pose for a photo in Hague as part of tourist sight seeing. If any Biafran matter may come up in ICC, a state actor who is a party to Roman status must raise it up. That is where diplomatic engagements are necessary not distractions and nuisances here and there.

Those who are inlove of money and fame are few miles away from shame. What is most important here is that Onyendu is a national asset against family limitation conspiracy

Written by

Chika Austine

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