Because Of Freedom...

Poverty.... Poor Teacher, PhiloSuffer has been a name that resonated since the last one year Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinary renditioned to Nigería and subsequently tortured and kept in a solitary confinement.

The renegades that rose up dubiously against the establishment of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started calling me those names. Their reason being that they know I am a school Teacher and probably won't be receiving much according to their useless zoo standard. Yes, it is true. Teachers don't receive much and many are suffering. But is that a good reason to call them poor? Are you yourself rich and comfortable?

But i want to let us know that poverty, being poor or suffering is never a crime. The Crimînals are those that are causing poverty through their actions. Unfortunately, they are those you regard and praise. Never you allow what people say to define who you are. My Dad will always admonish people not to insult those that will help them in future. Some of you are actually insulting great people because of what you are seeing today. It is only a blind man that will see a rich man that is poor and not know. Such a people will see a seemingly poor man that is hugely rich and think him poor.

What happened to IPOB in this one year is enormous. Crimînals invaded IPOB. Pure shameless crimînals. I kept saying it that this period is very necessary. You can't restore a country out of a dub-ious country like Nigería without purging yourselves of crimînals. This time is that moment of cleansing and separation.

Tell me, what is the crime in being poor? How did being poor or receiving lower wage translate to a crime that you mock people with it? That I suffer, how is it a problem? Is it not funny that you mock people and call them poor, yet you accuse them of getting paid and betraying Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. How can one betray a man as big as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and still remain poor? Have you seen their pitiable low mental state? This moment is also time to sieve out people of low mental capacity. A state must be left in the hands of Philosopher Kings or rulers that have mastered the act of philosophy. Not morons who can not understand the the strategies of their enemies. Such people will lead their people to suicide.

There is something I want Biafrans to understand today. That I am teaching and not working as an aid to one politician or the other is due to my strong conviction in what I believed in. And I am in no way regretting anything till today. I have what it takes to be a millionaire in huge millions in a dub-ious country like Nigería if I want to. Yes, that's true. I have gotten the voice and I have the talent to write very well for a crimînal and I will convince many about them if I want to. It is easy to play a typical Nigerian and quickly climb to the top of the ladder of success. That's why people like FFK and Reno are enjoying today. You won't call them poor because they did what they had to do. Lie up and done and defend nonsense.

I am sorry to say that some of us truly don't want a sane society. What they want is to chase out today's looters as to become tomorrow's looters. That's why you can't subject yourself to command and control. You want to become a leader. You want to head IPOB media. You think those there are enjoying and getting paid and you want to occupy such positions.

A true freedom fighter will never mock someone over his work or over being poor. What type of freedom fighter will mock someone making an honest living as a Keke driver and still do his duty for his people? Don't you know that many graduates are Keke riders? Don't you know that many graduates are jobless? You mean to say we should stop doing what we have to do because you will call us poor? Before you started calling me poor teacher, don't you know we have been called unemployed, uneducated illiterates and miscreants? If these names did not stop us, how then do you think calling me such names will stop me.

We will not just restore Biafra. We will restore a sane society. We will battle all of you dub-ious crimînals into the back sit. We will not allow crimînals to be incharge of everything in Biafra just like it is in Nigería today. This is exactly why we must keep infiltrators away from what we are doing.
When they will start apologising, never you be carried away by their beautiful words. Anyone that can easily be fooled to the extent that for one year he didn't get himself to normal is a very dangerous person. Your brother that is a fool can easily be fooled by an enemy to have you kîlled. They will make him brand you a bad person that should be kîlled. This is why I tell you that there is no difference between an ignorant man and a dub-ious man. An ignorant man can easily be used by a dub-ious man.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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