Beheading Of Hon Okechukwu Okoye Is The System Of Fifth Columnist, Those Pointing Accusing Fingers At Us Are The Same People Responsible Of The Abominable Acts - IPOB Reacts Gives Details

IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post
May 24, 2022

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU strongly condem the abominable beheading of Hon. Okechukwu Okoye who was abducted few days ago in his area. We want to also state categorically that contrary to insinuations in some quarters, the Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB could not in any way have had anything to do with this abominable act. It is imparative to state here that enemies of Biafra freedom and traitors in our region are seriously pulling all stunts to derail the freedom of our leader and the freedom of our dear Nation Biafra.

After thoroughly investigations by our intelligence team we found out that the abominable beheading of Hon Okechukwu Okoye is the system of the fifth columnists who are bent to destabilize the efforts of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB. These barbarians have been well mobilized financially and otherwise by DSS, NIA and DMI to create anarchy in our land in an attempt to derail our match to freedom.

They will commit these henious crimes and their pay masters will use the Nigeria compromised media houses to accuse IPOB of being responsible for what we know nothing about. The question is why is IPOB being demonized unnecessarily? The simple answer is that we are fighting for the freedom of our people because we rejected their forceful take over of our land.

The IPOB intelligence unit working round the clock discovered the gimmicks and antics of Nigeria government and its security agencies especially the Army, DSS, Police, NIA and DMI intelligence. Those pointing accusing fingers at us are the same people the disturbing insecurity in our land. BIAFRA LAND has been infiltrated by fulani terrorists wearing Nigerian security uniforms and operating under this guise as agents of death and destruction of Biafraland.

It simply fits into their game plan to accuse IPOB of these horrendous crimes having failed in their initial plan to destroy the ESN created to checkmates the excesses of these Fulani maurauders hiding in our forests and bushes. But one thing is certain IPOB will hunt these criminals down either directly or indirectly. How will Killing of our people, including those causing confusion and terrorizing Nnewi LGA will hear from us soon, how could criminality and killing of lawmaker bring about the independence of Biafra which IPOB is after? These killers should vacate our land while they still have the opportunity because judgement day is fast approaching.

IPOB is not in the business of kidnapping or car snatching and has never been and will never be and therefore we absolutely has nothing to do with the kidnap of Okechukwu Okoye. These kidnappers, kidnapped this man on the day the Executive Governor of Anambra State Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo visited our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU in the DSS custody and every member of IPOB was very happy because he was the only Governor in the whole of Biafraland who summoned the courage to visit our leader in Abuja, since his extraordinary rendition from Kenya to Nigeria.

We reiterate once again that Hausas has suffered much in the hands of fulani like Biafrans and we will not allow any criminals to touch them again, they are free to do their business anywhere they like in our land and those who killed mother and children of Hausa extraction should be ready and wait for us we are coming for them.

So, it will be an irony to accuse IPOB that welcomed the courage of Gov. Chukwuma Soludo in visiting our leader when his brother governors are too afraid to do so, what is it going to benefit us killing the Governor's lawmaker? What will be our gain in such wickedness? IPOB does not give life and we don't take life. They should stop dragging IPOB into something we know nothing about because of their hatred for us and their desire to scutle the freedom of our leader and freedom of Biafra Nation.

IPOB intelligence unit the M.Branch has uncovered the latest strategy by Nigeria Government headed by Fulani and its compromised security agencies particularly the Nigeria Army and Nigeria DSS to destabilize Anambra State, they decided to replicate what they did in Imo State in Anambra State but we cannot allow them and God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama including our ancestors will not allow them to succeed.

They are not comfortable with the genuine efforts by Soludo to secure the release of our leader. They just want to frustrate and distract him by making his state ungovernable the way they did with Hope Uzodinma in Imo State. They only want to divert his attention by trying to rope in IPOB into their evil enterprises. Since he visited our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the power that be and some Nigeria fulani terrorist and security agents operating in Biafraland are not happy with him.

The numerous Kidnappings in Biafraland are masterminded by Nigeria soldiers. Anybody in doubt of this fact should ask those who were victims of that kidnap in Nnewi LGA. Why should they be quick to point accusing fingers at IPOB while they are the ones behind the criminalities going-on in the region for almost two years.

For the upteenth time, the ongoing senseless killings going-on in Anambra State are not by IPOB or ESN operatives so our people must be ready for these terrorists because Fulani terrorists masquerading as Nigeria security agents have systematically declared war against us and we must unite against them. We must refuse to buy into their media propaganda and fake media report because there is no evidence to substantiate their evil propaganda that IPOB is responsible for all the atrocities happening in the region.

They began by burning houses and properties of our people and have now fully graduated into kidnappings and beheading of our brothers and sisters in our own domain, the killings of Biafrans and gruesome beheadings of the victims will lead to unimaginable results soon. Our assurance to these maggots is that no matter their cruelty and barbarism, no matter their plan to try and cow us, they must know that we are Biafrans and at the end they will fail to stop IPOB from achieving Biafra freedom and independence.

The criminalities and insecurity is caused by Nigeria Government and its compromised security agents in the region have metamorphosed into kidnap and gruesome murder including beheading of our youths by the Nigeria army and DSS agents who took the contract from Fulani controlled government of Nigeria to destroy, damage and demonize IPOB.

IPOB/ESN cannot behead our brother and dropped notes bragging that we are behind the gruesome murder. The world should take note the similarity between the beheading of this lawmaker and the way they gruesomelly murdered the two army couple last month.

Governor Chukwuma Soludo must prepare to meet these evil men humiliating and killing our people head on.


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