I have noticed that a lot of folks, including one of the richest men on earth attack prof. Uju.Uju wrote from her wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience about what she thinks and knows about the queen.

If Hitler, was to be alive today and was to be on his dying bed, the Jews would have written worst about Hitler and the whole world would have stood with them to condemn Hitler and some eye service scholars would have written damming articles, condemning the atrocities of Hitler. That is how much the world pretends to value lives, but hates the lives of Africans.

Uju had a firsthand experience of the 1967 Genocide in Biafra, of which about 3 million children lost their lives, perhaps she was one of the lucky survivors. From several books I read, the queen supervised that very genocide and until her last breath still supervises the killing of young Igbo men and women. The whole episode of 1967, with the coup inclusive and the BBC propaganda that followed was midwifed by Britain. Prof. uju said she lost more than half of her family members and some are still displaced, till this very day. So it’s natural for her to still be in pains.

I have seen people say that as a Christian she ought to have forgiven and forgotten that tragic experience. How easy is it for people to proffer solutions to what they know nothing about? There is an adage in Igbo that says "When you see people carrying a corpse, it would seem to you as if they are carrying, a log of wood, until you are confronted with the same situation, you won't realize the pains they feel”. It is cheap and easy to offer advice.
Even, The Almight, God has not and would never forgive L.ucifer.

Some might argue that the De.vil did not repent and was too proud to ask God for forgiveness. Did the queen repent before she died? On her crown are the most exotic Diamonds in the world, all stolen from the shores of Africa and India. Did she return it before her death? Does the Bible not teach us about restitution? Has she returned the artifacts from Benin or even Igbo Land they stole? King Jaja of Opobo was an Igbo man that deals in Palm-Oil business. The British, cunningly Kidnapped him and he never returned to his home land Opobo, until his death. This and many more atrocities did Britain commit against Africa. Has the queen apologized for all the numerous atrocities committed against Africa, by Britain?

Nigeria is what it is today, because of the way and manner it was created and structured by Britain. The richest man can condemn Prof. Uju for all I care; you can't beat a Child and stop the child from crying. Allow her to express her pains.

From Iro Chidi

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