I have of lately seen that the Nigerian Government have ran out of Ideas on practical steps to curb what they called "IPOB social Media Warriors" from controlling the minds of Nigerians towards the activities going on in Nigeria. In practical terms, the government is submitting that IPOB owns more of Nigerians ears than the government. When such happens, I understand how many people under the coverage of "experts and consultants" defrauds the confused Government who searches solution for water scarcity in fire. Anyway, I quite understood the frustrations and after reading the failed steps taken so far as enumerated by Lai Muhammed who ought to have accepted defeat and resigned on this issue, I came to the conclusion that the Government is more confused in search of solution for this challenge than they should be.

Lai Muhammed said, "our people have been reporting them to Facebook and no serious actions have been taken so far". Does Lai Muhammed understand that "reporting" doesn't in anyway, means "granting of one's prayers"? Reporting a certain account to Facebook doesn't in anyway makes the fellow the judge. Facebook has ways at which they evaluate reports and also independently choose best ways to punish the violator if need arises. If BCC contracted for this couldn't achieve the orchastrated plans against media warriors of IPOB, why would Lai Muhammed a minister from the most retrogressive country of the world think some respect will be accorded to him? Infact, no one takes serious, a member of failed team!

But here I want to help out the poor seniled octogenarian on best way to solve the problem as I can see how distressed he appeared on National Television talking about this. My free and non paid advise will come with classical allusions so that they don't see it as speculations.


The Liberals in United States made an earlier strategic positioning in Big Techs and Giant media platforms. They penetrated by making friendship with owners and operators of these Big Techs and Media platforms. As mutual reciprocities, while the Big Techs and Media operators promoted the Liberals' agenda, the liberals through their access to the Government of the United States, protected the Big Techs and Media owners interests. Sadly, that is for a country that built for her respect not begging anyone for it. I believe Nigeria doesn't assert such degree of respect because even Facebook operators in Nigeria use Generator set for electricity to talk but the least. So those who out of blindness and greed ruined their society as Nigerian politicians have done, will win no respect from classic organizations like Facebook. So this particular advise is out of order. So the liberals approach here is beyond Lai Muhammed to execute with Agbada and green cap.


The conservatives approach might be suitable for the Nigerian Government. What is it all about? Here is the deal, like Elon musk is doing, raise money, buy the highest share of the company and change her policy to suit you. Simple and short! Elon musk through the background of the conservatives, bought Twitter at the tone of $44 billion and currently he is adjusting Twitter to pro conservative direction. Currently, Facebook net worth is $545 Billion which Nigerian Government outright purchase gives her total control and authority to delete all IPOB accounts if that is the utmost challenge of the country with zero life now. Sadly to shock you, while Facebook net worth is 545 billion dollars, Nigeria net worth is $85.9 billion. This means that Nigeria even emptying herself in pursuit of buying Facebook against IPOB, can't even buy up to 50% share with her total worth of $85.9 Billion.


Their is absolutely confusing state here as both liberal and conservative approaches failed to apply to Nigeria factor. I am suggesting in humility, that the Government should humble herself and learn the social media matrix IPOB have deeply developed. Lai Muhammed should secretly travel to France and other places and learn how to sleep on social media from our E-warriors. Gaba Shehu and Adesina should go to Aba, Onitcha and other places and learn how to trend news. Until they come down from their high roofs in acknowledgement of IPOB edge over them, it will be cry and cry on National TVs.

Written by Chika Austine

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