Biafra And The Road To South Sudan

Have you enquired why South Sudan has never been at rest even after their independence from Sudan? Have you wondered why they are still at war till this day? Why is it that even with their oil they are still dragging their feet in terms of development?

Do you know that Ambazonia is not fighting on one front? Do you know that there are two major factions and other splinter groups? Do you know that they are not in agreement with themselves? Do you know that one is against the agreement IPOB had with the main recognised group?

Have you asked why most nations that got independence in Africa don't normally have peace, but those of them in Europe will do it peacefully and with Referendum. Even few that went through war will meet on a round table and an agreement reached?

Have you sat down before to think about all these things? I doubt that. For if you have done that, some of you won't be fooled easily by agents of the oppressors.

Personally, I have thought about these things and read about some of these troubled zones that enveloped into crisis after gaining independence. One thing you must know is that one thing is to gain independence and another is to be at peace after independence. The powers that be will never allow you independence easily, and should you push it, they will then destabilise you using your own people. They are simply doing this to make sure they deter other nations from taking that part.

What will they do? They will create war Lords among you. It is easy to create such people without you knowing. They will start by telling you how they love this freedom. They will speak like they are fearless. They will use what you love to trap you. The powers that be will push in too much money. They will employ the services of the media. Don't forget that when you pay Nigería journalists they will sing the praises of Satan. Apologies to MNK. They will push up news about their recruit. Get some dub-ious men and women whom money is their God to sell the crimînal. The intention is to sell him to the gullible people and with him destabilise the emerging nation.

That is exactly what happened to Southern Sudan. They created many war Lords who are controlled by foreign elements. That's what they are doing to Ambazonia. And that is what Britain and Nigería is trying to create in Biafra since after one year they kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and sent him to jail in DSS dungeon.

Presently, their intention to hijack the struggle has failed. IPOB media warriors fought like wounded lions and got them crippled. They have activated plan B. And that is getting splinter groups which they will use to keep Biafra in chaos even if they eventually gain freedom. This is the reason they recently started aligning themselves with dub-ious groups. Lies have failed them. They started with telling people that they are now in charge of ESN. This lie has also been debunked. Ask yourself this question. If truly they are in charge of ESN they don't know how it was formed, why then are they announcing joining force with one rag tag group without significance? This is something to ponder.

Let me give you an image of how Biafra will look like should you allow infiltrators to continue using IPOB to steal and lie to the people. If you don't stop infiltrators, then Biafra land will never be at peace. They will be used to destabilise Biafra land and make it look like South Sudan. This is why you must stop them. This is why you must see anyone working with them or supporting them as worse enemy of your freedom.

This is the time to use intelligence on the infiltrators to spot them out wherever they are hiding. They have been defeated but they refused to accept defeat. They still have some IPOB members back home who still work with them. The leadership should start investigating such people. They must be pushed out like their counterparts abroad.

I also think they are using some individuals in Biafra markets to send lies into our markets. To stop them, you don't need the leadership here. Or maybe the leadership can use Radio Biafra to educate the people about this. There are IPOB members everywhere, both in the markets and in all departments in the zoo. Those of you in the market should start doing the needful. You must start countering the lies of the infiltrators. They are using the markets to tell lies and put fears on the people. What ever information you sell in the market gets to the grassroots. This is why you must take it up with them. Those of you that read on social media must start relaying the right information in our markets. Anything not from IPOB leadership should be countered. Any order you didn't hear on Radio Biafra should not be allowed to fly. Unfortunately, IPOB media warriors are not in the markets in Biafra land, that's why men on ground should do the needful. Disseminate the right information. Tell them when IPOB is sitting at home and when such is not happening.

IPOB intelligence should be channelled also to any locality that infiltrators will use louts to enforce illegal sit at home, and get those culprits. IPOB don't enforce sit at home. People do that willingly.

IPOB must know that a destabilised Biafra is never freedom. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knew this, reason he maintained one central command and said all IPOB member must obey the chain of command. You must obey your superior. In fact I have heard him say you must obey before complain. This man understand the game of the Europeans and Nigería. He knows that for Biafra to succeed, Biafrans must be disciplined and obey one chain of command.

You must get the agents of the infiltrators back home to stop. This is very important. They are the ones the crimînals abroad are using to cause trouble in our land.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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