Biafra: Anyi Kings Writes Senator Orji Uzor Kalu Over His Call For Military Invasion And Bombardment Of Abia Communities And Forest

August 21, 2022

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu Sir, Do not dance surugede dance because surugede dance is the dance of the spirit. (Suregede bu egwu ndi muo). This is a political season and it is quite understandable and well known that you are a career politician who will definitely have political enemies or opponents.

There is an understanding and rumors that some political thugs suspected to be your political enemies attacked you few days ago somewhere in Abia State, Ohofia to be precise and you luckily escaped death. No thanks though. This is a common security threat that an average politician in Nigeria should always expect because every politician in Nigeria has his own hirelings, political thugs and killers of assume opponent, cultists, hoodlums which they arm to the teeth and use them for political purposes to go after their opponents or create a restive atmosphere or chaotic environment for election rigging which your party APC has this strategy as their master plan from the beginning.

Hence my concern as a journalist that necessitated me to drop this warning letter openly to you is for record purposes over your call for the military invasion and bombardment of communities in Abia and some forests on a trending video that has gone viral within the internet space.

Let me draw your attention to what drew my interest to write you over all the jargons and provocative utterances that you made in that video before reacting or making my submission clear.

In the said video I heard you said that you are an Igbere man and that is what makes you an Abian and an Igbo man as well and by extension a Nigerian of course. All corrupt politicians today must be proud to be a Nigerian and do anything demeaning to protect his or her interest in Nigeria. Although you were a bit vocal to proclaim your love for Ndi Igbo but you killing Ndi Igbo en-mass never depicted that you as a person love Ndi Igbo but using Ndi Igbo as a name for your political gains.

My humble and opinionated questions are: Why do you now declared war against the Igbos that you claim you love so much?. Does that not sound hypocritical to you since what seems to be a stage managed attack on your person in your state warranted to kill innocent people in your village?. A community called Ohaofia has remain a dead zone over the military siege in that community and more than fifteen innocent citizens has been confirmed dead by what they call stray bullets from the Nigeria military shooting at different directions in that community under the guise of maintaining peace.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu Sir, if actually you love the igbos as you claim. No lover of Ndi Igbo will propose for a military invasion in any part of Igbo land reason being that it has been established beyond every reasonable doubt that Nigeria military are not neutral when it comes to fighting insecurities. The above submission corroborated with TY Danjuma assertion in quote that the Nigerian military are not neutral they collude with terrorists/bandits to kill people and kill Nigerians.

Under your Party; the ruling APC party over a half million of Igbo Youths have been extrajudicially massacred across the Igbo states while over half a million are victims of forceful disappearance and are hold hostages in different secret cells across the country for committing no crime rather because of tribal sentiment they are Igbos. No Igbo man is heading any security architecture in Nigeria rather all the security architecture in Nigeria today are currently dominated by a tribe that do not like to hear anything that has to do with being Igbo.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, I have begin to wonder how many times will something happen to us before we can learn a lesson from it. Sir, I am just trying to be friendly in my speech because you claim to be a bonafide Igbo man and a lover of Igbos. Therefore Sir, let's talk about your love for Igbos without being politically correct.

Why do you think that inviting the military that will be killing Igbo people at random in a community that have been enjoying relative peace until your recent attack from your political enemies signifies your love for Igbos?

How has the constant invitation of the military in Imo State by the Governor - Ex-senator Hope Uzodinma help in maintaining peace over there? Rather it escalated the number of deaths.

Why are you not worried or make any official statement by condemning the insecurities, kidnappings for ransom by hoodlums and Fulani bandits at Lokpanta where you as a governor established RUGA settlements for the Fulani terrorist herdsmen and bandits?.

Why do you now, suddenly become interested in the security situation of Abia State just because this time around it affected your person?. Do you see why every sane mind will believe that the so called attack on your person was a stage managed attack to draw the Nigerian military in Abia State to create avenue for restiveness and chaotic environment ahead of the 2023 general elections as it is commonly believed that APC government benefits from insecurities during elections.

Let me conclude by asking you to stop your hypocritical proclamation of your love for Ndi Igbo while you continue to politic with the lives of Igbo Youths without being remorseful. There is no better ways to express your hate for Igbos than calling for the military invasion of peaceful community when we are not at war. Calling for air bombardment of Abia forest is a full declaration of war against the Abia indigenes and the larger Igbo race.

Eastern Security Network (ESN), that has been busy doing a very good job inside our forest working so hard to curtail the excess of Fulani banditry which none of you acclaimed leaders and political office holders are interested in, in their excesses against our people because condemning Fulani banditry will definitely affects your political interest in that zoological republic called Nigeria. Therefore if the Foreign Fulanis' should massacre everyone in Igbo land and take over our land you guys will be happy to maintain your sealed lips and maintain a grave silence in as much as you will remain relevant in the zoological republic of Nigeria politics.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, I am definitely sure that IPOB under the leadership of our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through her Eastern Security Network are capable to protect our land from external and internal threats unlike what is obtainable in the North of the Zoo. For this purpose it is pertinent that you begin now and specifically find your political enemies that are after you and face them squarely and stop this nonsense you are doing by calling for war in Igbo land. Creating unnecessary insecurity challenges in Abia communities to kill more Igbo Youths for your political gains will not be tolerated no more.

A stich in time saves nine.

Written By Anyi Kings. August 21, 2022

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