Biafra: Open Letter To A Political Mischief Maker - Mr. Reno Omokri

Written By Mazi Anyi Kings | The Biafra Post Publisher | July 12, 2022

Mr. Peter Obi The Obident Movement Is Quite Different From IPOB Biafra Freedom Movement - Bewarned!

Mr. Peter Obi from Anambra state and you - Mr. Reno Omokri from Delta State are all Indeginous persons to the old Eastern Region part Nigeria today known as Biafra and therefore you are an Indigenous Person's of Biafra IPOB by virtue of your Indigenous identity to that goegraphical location called old Eastern Nigeria. You have been a die-hard fan of Mr. Peter Obi before now and you were very proud to call him a brother then until recently that party politics separated both of you. I have come across video evidence where you were showering praises to Mr. Peter Obi the Presidential candidate of Labour Party in Nigeria.

The above narratives is a proof that we are all IPOB and we are all one people. But that is not to say that every Indeginous persons like yourself are members of the freedom fighting movement which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is leading currently. But there are proven indications that 99% of Indeginous people of Biafra which you - Mr. Reno Omokri is one among those who are sympathetic to IPOB cause, the struggle for a free Biafra state because the fake one Nigeria that you and your fellow corrupt politicians hold so dear for your selfish gains is not working neither is it attainable hence our demand for a referendum.

Evidence of my claim is that you have in one way or the other spoke in the favour of our agitation before when it suits your political interest within confines of Nigeria politics. This manipulative behaviors of yours does not determine you as one of us as an agitator for Biafra freedom, the same as every other person including the present day Peter Obi supporters. Therefore you are wrong by trying so hard in futility to portray Mr. Peter Obi's supporters in your recent tweets as IPOB members that switched to Obident Movement.

Because in IPOB bank database you are no where to be found as one of us likewise those of Peter Obi's supporters are not in our bank database. Hence you have no justification to tag Mr. Peter Obi's supporters as IPOB members because of your claim that some of them have supported our agitation before switching to what they called Obident Movement that has become your headache in recent time.

If you think that some persons that has in one way or the other aired their view in support of IPOB agitation are all agitators and are all IPOB members then do good by counting yourself as number one IPOB member. And do not be afraid to do that unless you want to prove to humanity to be a certified coward.

Our survey indices has shown that politicians of Southern Nigeria extraction most especially the so called South East and South South known as Biafrans like yourself are cowards and Fulani boot lickers. All your life existence you play politics of timidity to score a pointless point, when you deny your identity or try to demonize your people that are genuinely fighting for a just cause in order to gain selfish political relevance in a union that your Indigenous People are not needed. It is called politics of timidity and cowardice.

If all what you think you can use to campaign against your opposition party the labour party Presidential candidate - Mr. peter Obi is to tag him and his supporters as IPOB members and demonize IPOB freedom movement while your cherish Fulani North are proud to promote a well known Boko Haram sponsor and sympathizer who aided the kidnap of Chibok girls under your master Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's administration and further harbored a Boko Haram escapee in his governor's lodge - Alhaji Shettima to pair as Muslim Muslim ticket for Bola Ahmed Tinubu and run for 2023 presidential election then can't you see that you miss the point and where to hit the nail .

Mr. Reno Omokri, you are foolishly busy trying to tag Mr. peter Obi and his supporters as IPOB members as reason he should not be voted for in your zoo called Nigeria election without presenting any evidence of Mr. Peter Obi being a registered member of IPOB family.
Even when IPOB leadership has had officially instead of endorsement disassociated themselves from Mr. Peter Obi's Presidential ambition. It is against this backdrop that I wonder the level of desperation that you mainly politicians from the South can go to reduce yourself to nothingless without shame and sell your people while seeking for political relevance that you will never achieve in Fulani Nigeria.

Mr. Reno Omokri for the last time I want to let you know that IPOB family members are not interested in anything Nigeria election hence what we demand is referendum. Peter Obi or whoever that emerges as the next President of Nigeria is not our concern; our demand is referendum not election and we are not moving an inch. To prove this I have come across your viral video where you showed statistics of the on going PVC registration and you yourself made it clear that the South East who are Biafrans has the lowest numbers of registered voters both online and offline.

Why because IPOB family members are not registering for your pvc's because we are not interested in Nigeria election and, all we are pushing for is Biafra referendum. So why are you now mischievously tagging Peter Obi's supporters as IPOB members?.
Peter Obi supporters are beyond South East geo-political zone as they run across the length and breadth of the zoo called Nigeria and across ethnic and religious lines.

Do yourself some good and have a one on one meeting with your master Alhaji Atiku Abubakar so he can give you some of his noble antecedent as a politician so that you can make your campaign issues based on his legacies rather than pitching tribe against tribe and inciting ethnic violence against your own people in the name of primitive politics that you play in the South. Leave IPOB out of your dead Nigeria politics, please bewarned and stop involving IPOB in anything that has to do with Nigeria elections until a date for referendum is announced. Biafra:

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