Biafra Restoration Has Nothing To do With Empty Promises And Useless Fantasies

Empty promises and threats has never done anything for Biafra. If empty promises can restore Biafra, Uwazuruike would have restored Biafra. Uwazuruike it was that told his supporters countless times that he has reached agreement with Bush to come to Nnewi and Okigwe to declare Biafra. And countlessly he has come out shamelessly to give excuses on why Israeli president or America president didn't make it. Many times he will tell them how bad weather caused it. That's after his mugus must have gathered for hours in Nnewi or Okigwe singing all day. He wanted to waste the time of our people in a hopeless hope marathon.

This same Uwazuruike made them believe that there are already made soldiers stationed in Israel that will fight for Biafra. He made them believe that Odumegwu Ojukwu sent some people to Israel to train during the Biafra war. They said that thousands of those soldiers are still in Israel training and waiting for war to start so that they will come and fight for Biafra. Imagine a situation where people caused problems hoping that there will be soldiers coming from Israel to help them. Imagine what will happen in such situation. It will amount to suicide.

When I heard this story of soldiers training in Israel, I was ashamed of myself on their behalf. I asked the person bragging in front of me this simple brain resetting question. I asked him how old were those people when Ojukwu sent them to Israel to train? And I asked again, how old will they be today. The person immediately understood that he has been fooled.

Uwazuruike will later claim that he has already gotten us Biafra. That's when we are still in Nigería and he himself campaigning for politicians in Nigería. Funny, isn't it?

This is exactly the type of life some individuals wanted us to live after the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They wanted us to live in frivolous fantasies. Fantasies of lies and foolishness. First they claimed that they are in charge of ESN. When this lie couldn't fly again, they changed style and announced their collaboration with a certain group of unserious people like them. They have continuously given ultimatum that did not fly. From One week sit at home to other declarations like stopping of revenue collection and ejection of Nigería military from Biafra land.
They later upgraded it to announcing that they will restore Biafra in 2023 and again gave Nigería government 48hours to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu after MNK's successful appeal court judgment. 48hours is over and we have heard nothing from them. For them they think Biafra agitation is a joke. They think it is something they can use to fool people and get some material things from gullible people.

With the empty threats made by these individuals, Nigería government using their military attacked many of our communities, kîlling many youths, with these guys doing nothing. They recruited few bad boys and used them to cause problem. What happened next? The invasion of many communities followed. Did those shouting they will give the zoo wotowoto do anything? The answer is a big no.

The problem is you that have decided to be gullible, foolish, stupid and idiotic. Just one year MNK wasn't around you went back to Egypt. You are moved by liars. What you love to hear is empty promises. We will do these and that but for one year you have done nothing. You don't ask those giving you useless promises questions. Whatever ultimatum they give, you shout, jump and praise them. You dont go back to ask them what they did about that same noise they made. You will just go back again waiting for another empty promise to come, with its accompanying fundraising. How did we go this low in reasoning and thinking?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB has never said anything and didn't do it. They said Fulanii herdsmen terrorists will be stopped, and they unveiled ESN. Nothing kîlls interest like empty promises. Those that recruited the infiltrators wanted to destroy your interest in the struggle and probably call it a joke. But thank God that real freedom fighters stood up and exposed them.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will curse them for trying to destroy the only hope for the freedom of Biafra people.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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