Biafra: The Danger Facing The Struggle

Autopilot is the wing of the politicians. In other words it is a creation of the politicians. One thing you must understand is that funds isn't a problem for them. They get their funds from the government. The fundraising is a camouflage. They can go on and on without organising fundraising, but if they do that, some people will question their source of funds. That's why they do the fundraising. Through the fundraising, the government proxies will donate for them. With it, many gullible people will think they have the mandate of the people.
Don't forget that autopiloters have already started distributing money even before they made their first fundraising. Ask yourself this question. Where did they get the money from? Many men and women fighting for Biafra were compromised with money. Lots of them had their immediate problems solved. That's why upon all that is happening, it is only few people that are trying their best to defend the struggle and expose autopilot, while these guys are playing on words and calling for useless peace.
And believe me, the infiltration is not only on IPOB media. It went across board. Every department of IPOB had an infiltrator. The DOS, IPOB media, the coordinators, the ESN etc all had infiltrators. Don't forget that when this started I wrote that some elements in DOS are compromised. I went on to say that there is no way those few will win over more than forty DOS members. Within time, DOS found out that their deliberations do get out into the hands of Mr Ekpa. Some one or persons will always leak information to him. When ever he gets this info, he will come on air to announce it. This will put the DOS members in dilemma. Should they go on to implement their resolutions, after Ekpa announced it? If they do, the gullibles will say it came from Ekpa. Even Mr Ekpa himself have claimed some of the things done by DOS, saying it is his brainchild. DOS have succeeded in cutting off the infiltrator within them and closed up the source of information of Mr Ekpa.
There is every need for Biafrans to understand that some people pretending to be neutral at this point in time are all closet autopiloters. You should mind who you talk to and who you listen to.
I once wrote that there is possibility of us going down into civil w-a-r before Biafra is actualized. And the ground is being set for it. The politicians can't watch as you guys come from middle and lower classes and have them dethroned. They had to do something. They got some people to infiltrate IPOB two years ago. They were prepared well. The packaging was a topnotch. They also activated Nigeria media and used them to enthrone him. People are moved by emotion. You can easily use the media to create a hero out of a no body. You just need to play on the psych of the people.
The infiltration of the IPOB departments by the government is very dangerous. Like I said earlier, no department is left out,including ESN. Just like IPOB media was infiltrated, so is ESN. There are elements in ESN that are working for them. And these elements are the reason they feel they can destabilize IPOB. It has been a critical time in this journey of freedom. DOS have silently gotten the names of people in every department that subscribed to government sponsored autopilot and expelled them. Whenever that of ESN is exposed and sacked, autopiloters will start shouting that DOS is exposing ESN members. They do this because they know that those of them being exposed are their members.
Listen and get it. You are in IPOB media only when you are defending IPOB, so also you are ESN when you are disciplined and obey the command. In other words, you stopped being ESN any day you stopped obeying orders.
Now this is the plan of the government. They want to raise a militant group that will confront ESN. And they are doing it by using monetary inducement and lies. I see ESN facing not only zoo soldiers, but also our own people that decamped and joined the government against their own freedom. Don't forget that you should not underrate autopilot and I will tell you why. No one under the sponsorship of the government should be underrated. When I say government I mean both local, federal and international. The fund is there and there are many men of questionable character that need this money. They are ready to even k-ill their own for this money. This is why we must take them seriously.
As it stands now, it will be impossible for them to play Biafrans into fighting themselves along state lines. The government tried that using Uche Mefor and it failed. So they are gathering dubi-ous men across board in the name of autopilot to execute their plan. Expect them to also go to different prisons to get criminals as foot soldiers.
You must get ready. You must not let them succeed. If they succeed, every body that died for this struggle must have died for nothing. The aim of the government is to use autopiloters to destroy the struggle and not to restore Biafra. Autopilot is not for Biafra restoration. The government will disband autopilot immediately they succeed in destroying IPOB. Their funding comes from the government and also their foot soldiers are criminals contracted by the government. What the government will do ones they succeed, will be to end their access to fund and hunt down the criminals and execute them. I am warning you guys being fooled. I am not saying these things because of those that took money. They are already gone. I am saying it for you all in IPOB to understand that we need to defend this struggle with everything we got.
And don't forget that the life of MNK lies in our ability to defend the struggle. For now we are winning. We have forced them into getting a name. We will also force them into making more mistakes. IPOB must start gathering information for future legal action against these guys. All their members still in the family must be expunged. You can't be in IPOB and be autopilot at the same time. You must chose a side.
If it ends towards us going down against criminals recruited to stand against the freedom of our people, so be it. We must secure freedom for Biafra. Freedom gotten by the people.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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