Biafra: What Loyalty Is And What It Is Not

By Chukwudi Samuel Mijovia News, February, 9th, 2022. Oftentimes, many don't know what loyalty is and how to always maintain loyalty to a cause or quest. Will you call it loyalty if your leader instituted a structure and you destroy it to build your own with your own name? Sometimes, to love a person may require you to leave the person if it can give the person the best which you want for him. IPOB is a brainchild of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and no one can take that away from him. He had so many times in the past boasted with same IPOB. He was kidnapped today because of IPOB, tortured and starved also because of the same IPOB. That his movement is restricted today was because of IPOB. How then can he deny same IPOB to which his whole life is built on? Denying IPOB means denying Biafra struggle, so do not be deceived when some infiltrators manipulate you to think otherwise. Would you rather believe a politician who has been in secret competition with every of MNK's achievement and establishment from the onset or those who fight to retain his legacy? He sees that ipob have their media, he set up his personal media app. He also see that ipob has a radio, boom he got one. Everything he has been doing was under his name and not under any collective struggle of the people. He claimed to love mazi nnamdi kanu yet he hates his establishment even want it destroyed. Isn't that a joke? Hear this today, IPOB is the only reason our leader is still alive today. Adaka Boro had men during his time and was killed, same with Saro Wiwa. But one think they don't have is an organised structure. IPOB leader has men as well as a formidable structure and that's what sustains him. So, anybody telling you to destroy the only defense auxiliary our leader instituted is not only an enemy to MNK but also to our collective freedom, and needs to be stopped. It doesn't matter the reason or logic the person posses. Lastly, the best loyalty you can ever give to our leader is to sustain his house and sustain his brainchild. Do not be deceived by the deceitful antics of the infiltrators. Udo diri ndi choro udo. #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow ~Chukwudi Samuel, 09 02 2022

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