Bïafrans, everything is not a jóke.

It took every country that got their freedom time to gain it. South Sudan fought and demanded referendum for many years before they got it. And when they finally got it, the world supervised the referendum and its outcome. They did not go to open a petty website to conduct referendum.

You guys should stop ridicling everything about this struggle. I know that those making this joke are few defeated idiots recruited to ridicule what we are doing, so I am not saying this because of them. I am writing this because of the few that don't know their right from their left.

Even if you don't know how referendum are conducted, can't you browse how countries like south Sudan conducted their own?

Why must every criiminal that shout Biafra fool you?

This is how siblings of MNK is also fooling some of you.

This struggle have exposed the foolishness of a lot of our people. I am still finding it difficult to believe that some of our people believed that a clówn can give them Biafra after 150 days countdown. And educated people actually counted and believed.

I am just happy that on ground almost everyone have realized the truth and those fooled are ashamed of themselves.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, 2024.

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