Biafrans Ideology In canada:

WRITTEN BY : Mazi Onyema Chikezie

First we have to define what an ideology is,

Ideology is an idea or belief or you can even say the philosophy that attributes to a person/ group. You can also say an ideology is the way people or individuals or even cultures think.

Now when we talk about the ideology of Biafrans in Canada, we are talking about the way Biafrans in Canada think and what they have come to believe in.

We know Canada is a multicultural society but you notice when you come to other races like the Chinese and Indians they are united under an umbrella, this umbrella protects them, even have representatives in all levels of government here in Canada that represents them, some even go to the level of providing loans and even helping there people develop businesses or establish a business or even employing their own people. Now these people work as one, helping each other with their whole heart. but our people here in Canada can't even mingle or trust each other, everyone is just seeking for their own and their immediate family. Some even reject their African heritage and take up the identity of Canadians. they reject everything to do with there home, they will invest and develop the western world but won't even remember there is a beautiful home they can develop and make better for the future generation ,
They reject anything to do with their fellow Biafrans. This has made it easy for us to stay divided & less trusting of each other. We even see a brother or sister being abused and we walk past the person instead of helping the person.

We don't have strong Biafra communities here in Canada like we have Chinatown, small italy and so on, we have nothing accredited to us as a race and that is not okay. not even someone in government representing our interest as Biafrans and speaking for us.

These are things other races work hard to build and keep together and they are growing fast, they are fully established and even have businesses where they employ each other and have strong communities world wide, but you cant even see one dedicated to Biafrans.

Our people need to come together as Biafrans in Canada. You don't have to be an ipob member but a Biafrans and have the same ideology,& build strong communities, help each other grow without hatred or jealousy. When you see someone beating a fellow Biafran, you get involved and solve the issue.

We need to build a sense of family, understand that family is not just your immediate blood but as Biafrans we are a family both home and abroad. Just as other races we find here, they love and support each other in public and scold each other in private. We need to build that kind of mindset. Love thy brother as you love yourself and family.

We can grow in Canada and become one as a family when we leave our hatred and come together as a family to build each other and build a better country for our immediate and future generation. create events to showcase our cultures and traditions here in western world as we have afrofeast and other public events, keep our heritage and preserve it. Having a respectable Biafran represents our interest in Canada and speaks for us when it comes to government, and this person must have a strong sense of family and the Biafran ideology, must know we are him and he is us. Make sure our interest comes first before his own..

Our people need to invest in their father land, have the mindset that Biafra land is our last hope and mother land and have to look better than where they are. and must believe that one day we must all go home. Because when you have it in mind you have to go home, you will want to build your community so when you go home you will feel like you are still in western world. We must start investing in our land, take out the relaxed mind that when we are here we forget our home.

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