Biafrans Must Avoid What I Call 'South Sudan Mistake'

I don't know why some of us can't see it. The dangers of having too many arms groups in a nation fighting to gain independence.

South Sudan went through the same part. There were many arm groups with many agendas. Some selfish, and some genuine. When freedom finally came, these groups started warring themselves, thereby destabilizing their young nation more. Today, when you talk about freedom, some people will immediately remind you of the South Sudan debacle.

What of Ambazonia?

Lots of warlords were created, or should I say they created themselves? They hardly agree and at times they clash.

Lots of traps have been set up against Biafra. One was formed just to destroy the struggle. The first trap seemed to have been defeated and they have already set another trap.

I have seen some groups rising and gaining some media acceptance. I saw a few men in a bush with some irons claiming they are Biafra Army. They claim that those irons are missiles. Few irons are what you will use to fight a war. Few men not up to 30 and you are commenting in the ecstasy of huge happiness about how you can defeat the zoo. Why is it that Biafrans can easily be fooled? Why are we this too emotional?

If they must have Biafra, then we will destabilize it is one of the plans of those holding you captive. How much do you trust a man who has been in jail for quite a long time, only for the government to release him? Then he appeared in some forest brandishing his iron weapons. At least you know those that created ESN, and how they were created and funded. Do you know how those guys started? Who is behind them? Do you know?

The worse thing that will happen to us is creating what will destabilize our society and keep us in an endless war. Many of us seem to go mad once we hear Biafra. You can fool them once you mention Biafra. They don't have the discerning spirit to know when a criminal is shouting Biafra, just to fool them. That's why they can support anything. That's why some for months supported crimînals recruited by the government to destroy what they are doing.

When you talk, they will say Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said whatever you can do to restore Biafra, do it. Did Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ask you to be stupid and support nonsense? What is your definition of anything?

The proliferation of arm groups will not restore Biafra. It will destroy us internally. In 1967, it was one chain of command. No one goes to war with splinter groups and hopes to win. Unfortunately, you guys are creating such groups and giving them support.

I don't know if some of us understand what war is all about. People will see a few men brandishing ordinary iron and they will start wishing for war. They will throw caution away and start beating the drums of war. The worse is that when you try to call them to order, they brand you a coward. Some of them making this noise are not even on the ground. They are not hoping to see this war or partake in it. But every time they shout war.

Biafrans must avoid a proliferation of arm groups and splinter arm groups. You must march under one central command. You must avoid the South Sudan mistake. You must avoid the creation of war Lords. IPOB has given you all you need. Any other group will be bought over by either foreign elements or wicked politicians.

One thing they will love to do is to destabilize Biafra to prove to the world that division in Africa is not ideal. We must be smart enough to avoid destabilization.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, And Activist, 2022.

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